My pre-birthday Saturday lol

Got up around 9 AM but fell asleep again. Ended up waking up around 2 PM. Feel good to be on the bed for a long time that I been wanting to have. Only got out of my place cause I got hungry. I was going to have a dinner with Dosung but he got into a minor car accident when I about to leave. I ended up having a late lunch at Yuko kitchen down the street. First time there and I was satisfied for the food. Back home and took a nap till 7 PM lol. I don’t know how but I was able to sleep just all day! Got out to meet my colleagues again at 7:15 PM. Went to the Thai restaurant on Sunset blvd. It was a decent Thai restaurant and I really like the noodle soup I got. Anton, Nika, Nikita, and Caesar were there with me to have dinner and hanging out at my place after. I ended up getting a free meal again lol. Feel sorry for getting two meals in a row. I gotta pay back on their birthdays. We ended up at my place with some drinks and chatted till 1 AM. I was only one drinking but had a good time! They left little after 1 AM and I went sleep right away. Good day.

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