Stress strikes again!

It has been some time since I have last updated – so much has happened, and so much was realized as well. Let’s start with the crappy update first. The other night while on break in college, I was in a hurry to get downstairs and had some empty soda cans in my arms as well as an empty cup. It was about 12:30 in the morning as I began my descent down these merciless narrow set of stairs. In my normal routine of quick thinking, I figured that I had a good sense of where the stairs were and where they ended. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was that I never turned the light on. As I descend down these stairs, I figure I had made it to the bottom and stepped forward with my left foot in the confidence that it would meet with the waiting floor, right? Wrong. I missed 1 whole step and with my foot arched up to continue stepping … all of my weight fell forward meeting the floor while the left foot bent forward in a way that feet don’t bend. Can you say ouch? The pain was immediate and unforgiving as I rolled over to my back and yelled for the fiance in a fervor. He comes running down with nothing but a towel wrapped around himself and is ironically calm while I am now in a flit of tears explaining that I think I broke my foot. He quickly wakes the school-goer and we pack it up and rush over to the big hospital. 4 hours later and one very uncomfortable foot scan, I am told that it looks like I sprained the ligaments pretty badly and no break was noticed. The pain persists but I am relieved to head home with some wraps and a real ugly shoe.

The next afternoon, one of the emergency department doctors call me and she says that she has reviewed my x-rays with radiology and they believe that they see where a bone is possibly chipped. I am of course instructed to see a specialist to get a better idea on what is going on with this aching pain. I begrudgingly agree, and then call the specialist just after. He schedules me for Friday and insists that I keep my weight off the injured foot. I do as instructed and then show up Friday where I am sent for a CT-scan of the same foot. Sure enough, there’s a small chip in the metatarsal bone. Basically I have a stress fracture similar to what athletic runners suffer. They throw on this ungodly cast with a set of instructions such as no sticking objects down it or getting it wet. Meanwhile, I am thinking of how bad I need a shower. She further says I can wrap a garbage around the thing and must try hard not to get it wet. Fair enough … The fiance then made me a makeshift seat I can place in the tub to sit on while the shower water runs down on me. I bagged the cast, and this actually worked out well. Thank the gods!

The feelings of one’s body while quite immobile is harsh let me tell you … Earlier today my skin crawled from head to toe while I felt feverish but I am determined to use mind over matter. Sleeping is painfully hard! I actually made the fiance buy me Benedryl so that sleep and I can have a relationship. My toes are already sore from running against the cast so I have been folding up a paper towel and wedging it in there for relief. My good leg burns in the muscle from strenuous use. I crawl on the floor more than a learning baby. Floors collect tons of crap by the way … mine is so clean now that you can probably eat off of it. The pain in the sprained area is actually minimal so I am thankful for that small relief. The swelling comes and goes when I shift from resting the leg to using crutches to get to the bathroom. Ah, yes … the bathroom. My new most hated moment in time because it’s such a feat to do normal things. Bathing even with the makeshift seat is not at all comforting but that water on my face makes me forget about the cast. The skin under the cast sweats, itches and rubs against the cotton and it’s quite raw on the ankles, toes, heel, and bend of the foot. Long story short, this is no picnic. Oh yeah, my poor poor ass is sick of being sat on. Thank god I am a smaller girl and I won’t flatten it too much. Oh those cute pants? No … Its all wide legged sweats from here out. Driving the school-goer to her dad wasn’t pretty either. I have the seat in my Volvo so far back I can barely reach the petals, there’s no way to sit another way so I have no other choice but to drive like that. The worst of it all is how slow time can be. 24-7 of resting and relaxing in a house with nothing but electronics and books for amusement while I get to miss all of those lovely Christmas gatherings I was invited to. The injury is too new to risk it.

I’m going to stop here for now. I am sitting in a weird position to type and I am just not comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Stress strikes again!”

  1. Umm. OUCH! That is so terrible. Isn’t it shocking how one event can drastically change the state of your life?

    Thank you for describing it so well. I imagined the pain vividly as you described your experience with it. That must be really painful.

    Hope you feel better and recover soon Butterfly of Scorpion.

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