Sunny Sunday

Got up around 11 AM and got out of my apartment on my skate. Took the Wilshire blvd all the way to downtown LA. Met up with Kareem and Sergio at LA Live. It was a beautiful day today which makes the skating even funner! We met around 12 AM then started to skating around the city. They brought their camera and shooting ourself skating through the city. Great weather, city and crew! I had a great time. We also had a quick lunch at little Tokyo in the middle. Ended back at the LA Live around 3 PM. Took an Uber pool back to home and it took almost an hour to get back lol. Went to help Nikita moving after I got back then back to home took a shower. Walked to the Starbucks by my place with my laptop to write journals and check things for the trip next Tuesday. I’m actually pretty excited for the trip to Korea next Tuesday to see all my friends and family that I haven’t seen for a long time. I gotta check to see if I’m actually ready for the trip tho. Visa thing first then some others things to bring. 5:35 PM and gotta figure out where I want to have dinner now.

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