The Circle of Christmas Shopping

After a busy week, the long weekend I have off work is much needed especially as I am feeling a little run down of late .. my long weekend is proving to be a busy one but I am enjoying it just the same ..

Friday morning was spent with the boiler man who thoroughly worked his way through until the job was done .. whilst making small talk I found out he was the supervisor covering for staff off sick so I could expect nothing but perfection.

In the afternoon I decided to drop down to my local town and came home with everything but what I had gone for .. still, I found the benefit gift set for my daughter which had been eluding me since the Christmas shop began ..

Come the evening I jumped into a friend’s car and we headed off for some bowling action, meeting my kids and their other half’s for triple the fun .. we ate burgers and I had a fruit salad cocktail to help with my swing .. I got one zero, a couple of ten’s but not a strike and a whole lot of in between’s .. I wasn’t there to win, just a blast from the past as it’d been so long!

Saturday dawned under a blanket of mist .. I whizzed round with the hoover before tripping out the door .. I spent a few hours looking around Watford town centre .. With a few more gifts bought I jumped on board a double decker bus, grabbing a window seat so I could check out the twinkling lights illuminating the country homes as we drove along the lanes before hopping off in my local town for a little grocery shopping ..

Home again, with my own twinkling lights, a Christmas movie on in the background, a few more presents wrapped in Gold and glitter and plans made for another day of shopping .. it is looking a lot more like Christmas with each passing day.

Sunday hit with a repeat of yesterday and a friend in tow .. this time it was all happening in Brent Cross shopping centre .. a couple more pressies in the bag we lunched at Wagamama’s where the duck teriyaki went down a treat and I managed the chop sticks through the entire dish which is sometimes hit and miss .. satisfied and time for home, a different bus, a different route along busy motorways just picking out the twinkling lights as the day turned to night .. another pressie wrapped in keeping with the Christmas spirit, another show with it’s final night, another load of laundry going around in circles just like me right now.

Tomorrow will bring another new Monday and more of the same .. shopping .. but there will be twist, I will be another year older with a zero at the end.

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