Day 296 – School, Christmas log, Megg and Christmas gifts

Monday, December 19th 2016

Today was productive.

I started off with math and we finished the chapter, now it’s just to study for our test Thursday and then we are free for the Holidays.

After I went to technology class and I did one project before starting my last one, which is a simple website header in Photoshop. I have quite a few ideas, but I wanted one thing that I found pretty cool to be a surprise for Kohai (because I want her to just be in awe of my skills, and by skills I mean following a tutorial), so I won’t write it down.

At lunch Kohai came and sat with my close friend. We talked about my last year’s math teacher as always and continued the inside joke of me owning weightwatchers and just promoting it everywhere I go.

Cooking followed and we finalised our Christmas log. We added fruits and flour to make it look like snow, but another group asked for some of our fruits (we were done with them so we said sure) and they proceeded to just copy us… I mean, have fun when you’re graded for creativity. Pretty sure the teacher will notice. Anyway, the log was good, but way too sugary, so I didn’t finish it and started feeling feverish cause of it. I tried eating a bit rapidly since the bell rang to not waste, but that was a bad idea.

At programming Kohai was talking to my teacher so I drank a lot from her water bottle, because I was feeling really warm cause of all the sugar.

I mostly just played on Tuber Simulator on my phone and did some of my math homework. I also saw if I knew the circle by heart (rad circle which is basically like π/6 (√3/2,1/2), and I checked and got it right, yay) and I did, as well as the triangles and the equations, so I’m basically set, it’s just a matter of practice now.

On my way home I was texted by Megg. Usually I skip my bus ride in my entries since it’s just me daydreaming and relaxing from the day, but we talked about our school hours and bus ride times, and he figured out when would be the best time to send a nice message, which was when I am on the bus. I decided that I’ll answer with one as well and leave it there, because usually my bus time is not talking to anyone and just daydreaming while listening to music, because it’s a way that I can just escape reality for 30mins whether I’m stressed or not, and if I look down at my phone too much in a car/bus, I get nauseous.

At home I worked on the Christmas gifts for some of my friends and my teacher. Here’s my teacher’s; took forever to tie the ribbons and only got the hang of it on the fourth/last one, because of the personalised paper thing hanging in the loop :

I then ate, watched the last episode of a let’s play of The Last Guardian (and I cried, the game was so good) and just moderated/worked on the project on the server before going to watch Supernatural.

To Megg : Your advice to make a list and do one Christmas gift at the time was useful. I sometimes forget to do lists like that, so it helped me decide what needed to be done first and finishing it on time instead doing a little bit of everything and being late with it. You said you were bored at work, so I hope there’s something in your daily life that shows up and makes it a little more interesting during that time.

That’s all for today.


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  1. Hey Obs, Tuber Simulator looks like a cool game. I’ve always wanted to make games like that, and I think I can come up with good stories, but I always needed help from an artist. You’re good at art, I’m good at programming, and we’re both doing a little bit in each other’s fields as well, like you’re doing some programming, I’m doing some art.

    My point is that let’s become great at our fields, while being good at each other’s fields, so we can make games like Tuber Simulator together in the future. We’re still working on our first book together for now though, and I answered your ‘what is your biggest goal’ question last night in the book, it involves you in it so check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

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