Hello everybody!

This end of the year has been great for me! Lots of nice things have happened 🙂

I finished all my exams that I had to do to college application, I will only get the results on February, so I don’t even have to say how anxious I’m. The good news is that I think I had a really nice chance to be accepted and go to the college of my dreams!!! 

I may be sad tha high school it’s over, but I’m so thankful for all the memories, it was definitely the best time of my life so far! But I’m so happy that I won’t have to see the subjects that I have, which is math and physics hehehe.


Im dating a boy for 4 months but he has never asked me to be his girlfriend, so isk what we are, I just know that I really really like him.

Today is my formal graduation and I couldn’t be more excited! And in 2 days it’s gonna be the party graduation (prom!!!!!) which makes me even more excited!!! My dress is amaizing and I’m sure it’s gonna be a great night and a great way to finish high school!!! 

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