ME time

There is a slim possibility that I’ll get to sneak out for some quick shopping. No kids. Yeeeee! Fingers crossed it doesn’t ends in disappointment.

Husband is doing some work related shopping, he took oldest girl with him too. Nice, she’ll get some daddy time. My other girl is at school, it’s her last day today before Christmas break. So, it’s just me and little one for now. If husband manages to get his shopping done quickly, I can leave my monster crew with him and enjoy some freedom.

Just me and my music blasting in earphones, lots of grown up people around and all the lights and decorations! Maybe I’ll spoil myself a little with gingerbread latte or something like that… and for couple of hours I won’t be distracted by endless ‘muuuuum’ in 3 different yet similar voices.

I love my kids and wouldn’t change anything but I also do miss my inner peace.

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