Monday the last day of working in 2016

Went to work little early today to wrap things up for my trip. Wanted to make sure all projects I’m working on is ready to be implemented even when I’m away. Not quite sure if anything will be done by the time I come back but prepared for the best! Left office around 3 PM to pack thing for my trip tomorrow to Korea. Got a hair cut on the way back home then go through all the documentations again to make sure that I’m not missing anything. It all look good hope I won’t have any problem coming back to state lol. Also got time to work out at the gym after not working out for weeks then massage at the place I usually go. It wasn’t very good tho. Back home, took a shower then did laundry before I pack things up for the trip. Went to dinner with my colleagues at the Italian restaurant in the grove. Filled up lots of pasta noodles before I leave then met up with Dosung at my place to just have couple drinks. 12:10 AM now. I think I packed up everything in a backpack with a winter coat. Ready to go tomorrow. Also feel pretty good for the long flight. Gotta go to sleep now to get up little early tomorrow morning to take shower before I leave. Goodnight all!

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