I did get out! No gingerbread latte but I rarely find time for things like that despite wishing for it. 

Walking and loud music in my ears felt so good though! I enjoyed being part of the rush, people shopping, stuff disappearing off the shelves quickly, everyone so busy but I was smiling inside. Bought few things too but it wasn’t the point.

Funny that, but this whole atmosphere instead of distracting me, helped to organise my own thoughts and think of some plans for the year coming. First time ever I had seriously considered to become pole dancing instructor. Wouldn’t it be cool? To do for a living something you enjoy.

Sure, I will need to hit couple of confidence goals first… and I can change my mind… but for now my New Years resolution is to work on my confidence, to even out my left and right sides and lose some more weight. 

It feels good to have a resolution. Even if it’s just for tonight 🙂

2 thoughts on “Resolution”

  1. I wouldn’t say lots of money and definitely not right away but this would keep me in check and I would enjoy working. A lot of things have to fall in line for that though…

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