Same Old Same Old

So yesterday for the first time after a long time I went to university on time. Today I missed 2.5 out of 3 lectures. Again!!!

I really need to fix my sleeping habits. 

Today I woke up at 8 30 ,missed Fajar prayer, my first class started at 8 30, I was already late so I went back to sleep. Sister woke me up at 9 30, the car had a problem so I had to drop her at her Medical University. 

After I dropped her off it was 11  13 and I then reached my University at 12. I had missed the second lecture and got there only for the third lecture which started at 11 20. 

Today the professor was returning the Mid exams papers. There was one question in my paper which was partially correct and I took it to the professor, he told me it was impossible to get the other half wrong if I had gotten the first half right, thus I have cheated the first half.

That was obviously not correct. I DON’T CHEAT IN EXAMS this is my rule.

No matter how domed I am I don’t cheat and it often gets me into big trouble. Just the other day there was a quiz in lab and didn’t prepare it so I left the paper empty, didn’t do anything. TA(Teacher’s Assistant) was furious and took it out on me and said this should ought to teach you a lesson, so told him that it’s enough in front of all the class packed my things and got out from the front door. I don’t like that guy. He act all high and mighty. I don’t like people who act like that. 

Like I said I NEVER CHEAT IN EXAMS  well sometimes I do but I really try never to cheat. 

I once got into a fight with the Professor for turning in an empty quiz. It all worked out in the end he was understanding.

After the class ended I went to a friend’s house aat 1:00 and did some project work and offered ZUHAR prayer. Then I came back home at 4 30 and offered ASAR prayer. Then I started writing this entry and now I am going to offer MAHRIB prayer. Then I’ll watch two episodes of “Weigh Lifting Fairy” and then I hope I will study, I should study, I will Study!!!

5 thoughts on “Same Old Same Old”

  1. I am curious about the appointed prayer times in your day. Would you mind very much if I ask about them? Are you Muslim? If you are I still like you. I’m impressed with how faithful you are in your prayer times. I’m Christian. Maybe if we had set prayer times we’d do better?

  2. Yes I am a Muslim and No, in the end I didn’t study at all yesterday although although I realized my fault and in the morning I acted on it to correct it.
    I am studying IT.

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