Tick Tock

A new day, another year older and in keeping with the birthday tradition I had the day off from work .. my kids texted me Happy Birthday messages from their workplaces while I rushed around the home with my must have morning coffee, getting ready for a date with my hairdresser ..

It had started to rain just a little when I stepped off the bus and into my hairdresser’s home .. after a little discussion she set to work and three hours later I emerged a new woman with a few blondes refreshed, many reds for a seasonal twists and tonged curls to jazz up my otherwise long straight hair ..

The rain stopped and I went with my plan to stop off in my local town for nearly the end of my present buying and some dollar exchange to put in a new purse for my daughter so I can get organised with the wrapping ..

It was already evening by the time I reached home and replied to more birthday texts from friends near and ecards from a friend afar ..

Before long, my daughter arrived with her boyfriend, a bottle of prosecco and my favourite chocolates .. we ordered chinese in and talked phones and the dreaded Christmas food shop ..

Now I’m cosy in my PJ’s sitting in the glow of the tree lights and the warmth of hot chocolate in my Tinkerbelle mug with thoughts on the end of another birthday, a new year ahead and the impending ticking of the clock to the morning rush of the hour before I am back in work.

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