Is Doing EVP Dangerous ?

December 25, 2016

It’s Christmas Day but the voices didn’t back off, they don’t care. I’m not sure if they care about anything. They seem rather nihilistic to me. I’ve learned by now not to expect any consideration from them, or to even bother asking for it. Trying to reason with these attaching earthbound spirits is often like trying to reason with a brick wall…it will get you nowhere. I’m the one that has to move away from them, to not allow them to impede me in anyway. Yet, this is not always easy to do. They are now literally attached to my life. Trying to understand their mentality is far too frustrating an effort for me. I see them really as being extremely sinister, at least some of them. I mean, who would bombard someone with harassing voices day in and day out. What kind of twisted mind? The word psychotic comes to mind. They often make some statement to me about their motivations, like “you’re not supposed to know about it.” To be honest, I wish I could wipe all of this from my memory completely. But again, their mentality leads them to torment someone with continual voices. Who would do that? This is why I’ve taken to calling the younger sounding female voice that I’ve heard since the beginning “Pippy the Nazi” because that is what it feels like I’m dealing with here.

  They literally tell me that I’m “a hostage” and “a prisoner.” Sometimes I do feel like I’m a prisoner to these voices, but usually on bad days. For the most part, they are just an annoyance now. The content of their words has practically no effect upon me now because I long ago realized that they are very prone to lying and that nothing that they say can ever be trusted at face value. Writing off everything that they say as some bullshit scheme that I don’t want to hear anyway has allowed me to take a significant amount of their power away. Things were so much worse for me back when I was buying into the content of what they were saying. Over and over again, I allowed myself to fall right into their trap…their mind game traps.  But no more. If someone is going to chatter at me to a degree that’s nothing less than utter insanity (whether in spirit or in flesh) than I simply don’t care what they have to say.

   Recently, I’ve heard them say to me a lot “you were supposed to be a psychic.” I really don’t know what they mean by that. They’ve said that I’m supposed to talk with them. A big no thank you there. At least this bunch that is attached to me, they’ve never once showed any kind of respect for my personal boundaries. All they’ve demonstrated to me is absolute abuse and tyranny and I emphatically reject any and all claims from them that I’m supposed to be either this or that. To me these are the claims of insane tyrants and I don’t give them much consideration at all.

  Their mentality is seriously disturbed. I’m sure that this is the same element that many people pick up on EVP and Spirit Boxes. They seem to be close to us, earthbound I suppose you’d say. But I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with them every day for quite a while now. I wonder if many people who use these devices have any idea how insane some of these entities are that they are picking up. It’s seriously playing with fire.

December 26, 2016

  It was a bit of a rough night last night. It took about four doses of sleep-aid before I was finally able to drift off to sleep. The physical disturbances were quite present. I kept feeling the sensation of something literally clinging to my back. But, I feel fine this morning. The voices are so far pretty mild today.

“we are human spirits”

I just heard a voice say. By they also say the complete opposite sometimes as well. They appear to be so prone to playing mind games. They’ll say one thing, repeat it for a while, then start saying something that is the complete opposite. They do this all of the time. They often will try and assume identities that carry with them an intimidation factor and if you believe them, then they may perhaps keep going with this identity for a while. But at least in my own case, since I for the most part write off anything that I hear them say to me, they still seem to enjoy playing a pointless game of “guess who we are.” I find it easier for me at least just to disregard it all. In a sense, it was they themselves that were instrumental in bringing me to this mindset. I suppose that if you lie to people enough, then you could eventually discover that people will come to generally mistrust you. I suppose the same notion would apply here.

  I make no claims about having any certainty as to their origins and nature. They seem to constantly want to stir up negative emotions and feelings of despair in me. I will most often refer to them as negative earthbound spirits or malevolent spirits and just leave it at that. If I never doubted or questioned the things that they told me and just accepted them, I would be granting them much more power. I see this about them. Much of their power comes from what they are able to achieve as far as the perceptions of their victims. For example, the female voice that torments me so often sometimes refers to herself as “Lucifer’s Lieutenant.” Now if I simply believed this at face value, would I not be empowering this particular earthbound spirit? She has never demonstrated any mighty supernatural powers or abilities before my eyes. I suspect she utilizes a lot of cheap parlor tricks like manipulating sound waves to make her voice seem to me to be more intimidating. I notice that when the background noise is removed, her voice is reduced to something more along the lines of a whisper. No magic here then from “Lucifer’s Lieutenant.” But wait, this morning she must have remembered that she was “a human spirit.” Well which is it? This game eventually grows very tiring and I’ve reached the point basically, where I don’t even care much anymore who she is.

 What they did do is use this identity deception in a very cunning manner back when I first started experimenting with EVP back in the winter of 2015. Back then, their voices didn’t have the harassing and tormenting tone that they have today. Back then, there was much kindness to their voices when I heard them on my recordings. And back then they claimed to be human spirits as well. In fact, they claimed at times to be the spirits of departed family, friends and neighbors.  When it comes down to it, I only have my own blindness and being so naïve to blame. But they very cleverly set this trap for me and a trap is exactly what it was. It is not uncommon at all to hear all sorts of negative and profane replies coming in through EVP and Spirit Boxes, but I do not doubt that in some instances, it is the more benevolent sounding voices that are in fact the most dangerous.

December 26, 2016

  I’m sitting here in my chair in my living room. I was just reading a book for a while and I began to feel pokes and jabs coming up through the couch and there were moments when there was this sensation of something clinging to me again. I can hear their voices right now coming in over the noise of my heating system. I often wonder if this whole ability to hear them has something to do with having sharp hearing? I simply don’t know. If it’s even possible to sharpen one’s hearing, then I must have done this back when I was experimenting with EVP back in 2015. I remember that to help with hearing and making out what these fainter voices were saying on my recordings, I bought a $100 pair of headphones. This did indeed help bring out the voices from the lower noise levels but I suspect that straining so much to hear everything, especially with the headphones, I inadvertently altered my hearing.

   It’s hard to describe with words, but aside from the voices, my hearing has just never been the same since my experiences with EVP. In a way, I suppose it’s more sensitive now. I find that I jolt up in my seat for example if I hear something like a neighbor slamming their car door. Things were never like that for me before. One of the others that I know that also was stricken with this condition after experimenting with EVP told me that she always scored exceptionally well on a hearing test throughout her life. So, I wonder if this is not at least a factor in what makes certain people more at risk. All I can say is that if one finds that they are hearing a whole lot and they’re just starting out, this may be an indication of danger and it is better to walk away and not risk it. It might just be the best decision that you ever make.

December 27, 2016

“Lucifer has nothing to do with it”

 I heard “Pippy the Nazi” just say. But wait a minute. Isn’t she the tormenting voice that claims to be “Lucifer’s Lieutenant?” I did in fact hear her make this claim yesterday. Another example of their mind games. One day it’s this, the next day it’s that. This all seems so very pointless at this point. I do not know what motivates them. To be honest, I’m not even sure if there is a point to all of this anymore. Perhaps they are simply trying to exhaust me, to wear me out, but to what purpose? Is it all done out of basic malevolence?

“We are Satan’s Lieutenants”

I heard just now. But just a few minutes ago, they claimed that they were not. It’s all pointless and meaningless chatter to me by now. Each and every day, just more mind games. This is why (I believe) that all of my efforts at trying to reason with these particular earthbound spirits has failed. I’m just not sure if I’ve ever really been able to reach them. I’m simply not sure if anyone is home to talk to. I’m not sure if it’s even worth the effort to try anymore. Why exhaust myself further when I’m already exhausted enough from all of it. I will keep pursuing the course to make myself more and more indifferent to their presence. I have neither interest nor fascination with this at all. I simply want to be done with it. Whatever claims they make, whatever words I hear them speak, it is of no matter to me. I am indifferent to them now. If I hear them or hear them not, I will go on with my life.

December 31, 2016

 Just yesterday evening the heating system in my condo broke down. Sure, I have mentioned that I often hear these voices coming in over the sound of my heating system, so I didn’t have to deal with that at all yesterday. But, it’s also now winter and it got cold in my condo very fast. I’m not able to get anyone out to repair the heating system right away so I just had to tough it out last night. It was quite cold. I didn’t make it to sleep until about three in the morning and that was after taking four doses of sleep aid. Of course, these damn spirit attachments took advantage of the situation and yapped in my ear all night and created a bunch of physical sensations on me that made it even harder to get to sleep. Hence the four doses of sleep aid.

  This morning, I went to the local hardware store and bought a small plug-in electric heater just to get me by for now. Unfortunately, this type of electric heater that I bought sounds very similar to a fan and so to no surprise, I’m hearing voices coming in over the noise. It’s fairly faint, but they are present. They truly do seem to take advantage of the situation if I run into some bad luck. I tried to reason with them again today. A new year is almost upon us and I was hoping they’d be open to a change in the situation. No luck as usual. I shouldn’t have expected as much. There’s still just no one home it seems. But regardless, I’m optimistic for the new year. I’ve made some resolutions that I’m going to try and give up drinking beer and smoking cigarettes this year. I’d say that I probably smoked a few years worth of cigarettes just since the time that this was all starting for me and when the voices were at their worse.

Back then, at least for the first few weeks, I could barely sleep at all so I remember being out on my back -porch smoking cigarette after cigarette just to calm my nerves. I’m reminded of something I read about Sir Walter Raleigh once, and how after he was executed, they found his tobacco pouch in his cell in the Tower of London and on it was written in Latin “it was my comfort in those miserable times.” That also pretty well sums up how I felt about tobacco through all of this, it certainly helped to take the edge off at times, but I seriously feel out of shape anymore and I run out of breath very easily. It’s time for me to quit also because I believe that just feeling healthier will help me to deal with this situation a lot better.

   I also feel that it is time to give up drinking beer as well. Again, back when this all started, I drank my share of beer just to try and step away from it all for at least a little while. I admit, that during those first few truly hellish weeks of this ordeal, it did also help to calm my nerves. But, I’m not such a young man anymore and perhaps since I’m already out of shape, whenever I drink beer anymore, it just seems to kick my ass the next day. I can’t even drink a six pack anymore without paying a hefty price the next day. And, I’ve discovered the hard way that being hungover and dealing with the voices really sucks a lot. So, these are two things that I want to give up in 2017. I just simply feel that it’s time.

 I’m also going to try and throw myself into my job a little more this year. Back in 2015, when I first started to hear voices, I remember that I threw myself into my work quite a bit and having something to focus my attention on more did help. I kind of slacked away from that in 2016. In truth, there were plenty of times when I just felt no motivation for my job anymore. But, I’ve been off work now for the past two weeks and I actually miss not having something to keep my mind occupied and off of the voices. Recently, on days when I’ve just been sitting around, I find that the voices are more noticeable, because I’m not distracting myself from them as much.

January 1, 2017

  A new year has arrived and hopefully it will prove to be better than the one that I leave behind. So, as I mentioned, the heating system in my condo broke down the other day and as a temporary solution, I went out and bought a few plug-in electric heaters. As far as heating my condo goes, they are working fine. But, they make a very clean and steady background noise, just the type of noise that these attaching earthbound spirits like to use to cause me to hear their voices louder. In all honesty, it’s like I went out and bought a couple of microphones for them. They are using the steady noise to speak to me. I suppose that with my main heating system, perhaps with time I began to adapt to that particular noise more and more. Possibly the same will apply hear. It’s a new background noise in my immediate environment and one that they are certainly taking advantage of. Perhaps it will just take a little time to adapt to. I am not hearing their voices coming through the noise this morning as strongly as I was hearing them last night. Of course, hopefully all of this will be resolved soon and I’ll get my regular heating system fixed quickly,

  But just touching upon the title of my post here “is doing EVP dangerous?” I know that I’ve gone all over the place here in regards to my writing, but it is indeed all tied in together. How one might ask? How is doing EVP and electric heaters in anyway related? Primarily I would say it is in how I hear noise and sounds now, ever since I briefly experimented with EVP back in 2015.  As far as my hearing goes, there has been lasting side effects. My hearing has never been the same since then. Now, often through steady background noises (such as fans and these electric heaters for example) I will hear voices emerging through the noise. These voices can be quite intrusive and harassing. Mostly their chatter is full of criticisms aimed at me. I never heard voices like this at all before I experimented with EVP. This condition of hearing voices outside of the recordings like this may be very rare, but I very much do consider it a danger (perhaps very little known) of doing EVP on a routine basis.

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