Day 297 – Food

Tuesday, December 20th 2016

Today was definitely a change from the school and Christmas stress and to just have fun.

My cooking class and I went to the city to be given a guide around the market and to have some free time there.

When we got there, we had half an hour to do whatever we wanted. We tried looking for a specific cooking utensils store, but couldn’t find it, so we went to a coffee shop. Only later on our way to start our guide did we realise we were right next to it.

We split into two groups and our guide brought us to a chocolatier. We tried cocoa directly from where it was imported before it was turned into chocolate, but with caramel(?). The guide said that we’re one of the lucky few to taste it that way, which is cool (but I forget what exactly it was anyway, so good job me). We saw how they made their chocolates, truffles specifically, and then had a few samples before going on to an Italian restaurant to try a Margherita pizza. All the ingredients were imported from Italy and the pizza was good, but not the first thing I’d order from a menu.

After that, we went over to see a small Indian restaurant (you could smell the butter chicken and I wanted it so bad), and we tried fresh naan bread which was delicious, then visited a small Mexican restaurant where we tried dipping sauce and learned nothing. The other places were informative, but the Mexican one was basically “oh, we go through a lot of tomatoes and guacamole has these ingredients” and not where the Italian place told us where the pizza originated from, how the tomatoes are different (they’re not acid, but sweet), and etc. At least I got to eat nacho chips dipped in something extremely spicy, and I like spicy stuff.

Then we left to go back to the building where we started and the chef was asking us all questions of what we learned. The other group arrived before he could pick me and I’m glad, cause I had a blank.

The chef gave us these delicious little brownies then told us about his classes before we left to the grocery store. We decided we’ll make the Margherita pizzas Thursday so we got the ingredients. Then we were free to do what we wanted for 1.5ish hours.

My friend wanted a beaver tail (Google it, it’s a desert, not an actual tail, don’t worry), so I got the Nutella and banana one as usual. Then we went to a chocolate place where my friend bought something, then we went to McDonalds since a classmate was there and we had to pick him up, then we went to Sugar Mountain, then Chapters and I found this interesting book called “The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch”, which is about a 17 year old gangster that died and resurrected and lived for over a century through World War I and everything. It seemed pretty interesting, but graphic according to reviews.

We then headed back to the beaver tail stand where everyone else kind of just joined us and got a beaver tail. I got a hot chocolate and after finding our teacher, headed back to the bus. 

At school we settled in the empty library to just talk about the experience and the last few days before the Holidays, before trying a cookie I didn’t like and leaving for home.

At home I went on the server, watched YouTube and wrote a little for the book. I mostly wanted to relax cause I was tired and decided to do my math homework tomorrow during cooking class since we’re just watching a movie with a substitute teacher.

To Megg : I talked to you about trying new foods. Do you like spicy stuff or Indian food? Since I really wanna go back there and get the butter chicken since it smelled so good. Anyway, hope today was a good one!

That’s all for today.


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  1. Hmm well I like spicy foods for sure, and Indian food is known for being really spicy. You’re making me really want to go to an Indian restaurant as well now 😛

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