Goodbye Anime Obsession

Last night I finally decided to leave the thing that has been distracting me from studying for the past eight years. ANIME!!! I had a collection of more then a hundred of my all time favorite anime which I kept in an external hard drive, which I have been collecting for the past 4 year, I DELETED THEM ALL  in the morning.

Last night was no exception I stayed up late watching Anime, but , I realized my mistake.

I got up at 6 30 am. Took a shower shaved and thus missed the Fajar Prayer. Time of prayers vary through out the year. Fajar Prayer time starts when morning light in the sky starts spreading horizontally and ends with sunrise. We have to pray Fajar during this time[which was today from 5:39 am to 6:57 am].

Went to University on time INSHALLAH I will continue to be on time from now on. 

Went to the University Mosque at 1 pm. Zuhar Prayer in the Mosque was to start at 1:30 so I prayed a little on my own then offered Zuhar Prayer with everyone.  Zuhar prayer time starts when the sun begins to decline after reaching its highest point in the sky[which was today from 12:01 pm to 2:45 pm]..Went to library after that.

They had made new study rooms on the 2nd floor they were Awesome. I didn’t had a camera so I took a picture with my laptop it is little blurry. Did some project work of “Enterprise Application Development” [EAD].

No one in my class likes to go the library, I once asked a girl who’s GPA was above 3 about the book she studies from, she said, “I don’ like to read”. Then how does she study?

I once asked this genius guy how does he study and he said “Notes, Slides and Lectures”, again no books!

I got home at 4pm, did a little cleaning of the room and offered my Asar Prayer.[which was today from 2:45 pm to 5:04 pm].

Was about to move toward the laptop when I remembered I had deleted everything, FELT PEACE.

I opened a story book a started reading a story “Maggie: A Girl of The Streets” which was written in 1893.

Then I went to get Milk form a dairy farm nearby. Live, fresh milk. I actually worked on the same dairy farm for three moths during the summer vacations of last year.  

Got back, offered my MAGHRIB prayer which is offered during sunset then sliced some potatoes and made french fries. Actually not some, a lot. Ate them with my family.

Went to get water from the nearby water filtration plant, which is not actually a water filtration but just a water well which has been dug by the government wayyyyyyy deeper then the average home.

Then did some stuff and then offered my ISAH prayer [which was today from 6:30 pm to midnight].

Then I got on my laptop opened Goodnightjournal nearly read all the entries made by people I have Favorited. Then I started writing my entry.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Anime Obsession”

  1. Oh wow, well done! Removing temptation out of the way is a big move.
    I enjoyed explanation about prayers as well, thank you 🙂

  2. M.B.N. your journal entry is fascinating. I have wanted to know more about you. Are you Muslim? I’m Christian, and my friends and I do not pray anywhere near as much as you do. I admire you so much for that. It must keep your heart steady and peaceful. Your picture looks calm and handsome. I’d like to know more about you. If that’s okay. I am 65 years old and motherly. I love people of all ages, all religions and beliefs. I find people very easy to love. That is Jesus in my heart. Thank you for sharing with us your prayer times. It’s very inspiring.

  3. Thank you Savedbygrace and yes I am a Muslim and we pray 5 times a day and yes praying keeps me at peace.

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