should it or should i not

i have a male best friend and slowly i have began to have more than friend feelings…my parents and his parents trust us enough to where we are allowed to be alone together for long periods of time unsupervised and i dont want to risk that (or the friendship itself.) he is different when no one is around. he talks more and tells me more. every time we are together i really want to tell him how i feel. but i dont know how.should i in the first place or just let it be and be grateful that he is in my life?

4 thoughts on “should it or should i not”

  1. Should you? Yes, you don’t have unlimited time in this world, don’t be scared to admit anything.

  2. Don’t do anything. Keep Calm and let the friendship be.

  3. I agree with the majority of the other comments. If you feel that you want this to be more than just a friendship you should have an honest discussion with him and see if he fees the same way. You didn’t say how old you are or how old he is. Leaving things as they are would only increase possible tension between the two of you. If he has or is developing these feelings as well delaying in having a frank discussion risks him finding someone else. Take the first step and see what his feeling are.

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