Strawberries dipped in chocolate

I managed another quick shopping trip today and ticked off last presents off my list, phewww… Husband had to pick me up though, my hands were too full to walk. On our way to the car he bought me my favourite treat – strawberries dipped in chocolate. Not just like any chocolate but our local chocolate factory, mmmmmmmm…..

While I usually skip on treating myself to something, he usually is good about it. I’ll give him that.

My second part of the day wasn’t as nice. He left to work and I lost my temper with girls. I hate to see this side of myself. The dark side of parenting is that sometimes you fail to control the ugliness in you. They just bring it out and often won’t give you peace until they get to see it. It’s called ‘testing limits’. Such an easy words but such a hard feeling. Older they become, the more your heart breaks.

Right now I hear them playing upstairs, all is good for them already.

It still hurts inside my chest.

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