Teen Stereotypes: My theory

(So, I don’t even know if ANYONE reads this but the last entry made me feel loads better. Writing this kind of public journal is far more effective and liberating than a private-under-lock-and-key types. I originally just started writing this because of that one nightmare and that cocoon of insecurity I had been wearing for a while after that, but now I plan on extending this to my opinion on Stuff in general.)

So, being a teenager, I am uncomfortably familiar with the concept of stereotypes and labels. Its strange, actually, how much people change when they enter adolescence. Most of us either find a way to fit-in or stand-out(the latter being as rare as a four leaf clover). There might be a set of those who just don’t change but I myself know no one of that category– although until very recently I used to think I did–  so I shall not speak of those souls in this entry. Also–until very recently, I used to think I was one of those-who-didn’t-change but deeper introspection told me that wasn’t true.

See, I have always done exactly what I please but it is only in our teens that we understand that man is a social animal.

We have this primal instinct, like protection of the offspring, to try and become part of a clan, a group– to try and fit in. Back when man was a hunter gatherer, this was a justified and actually very useful instinct when in the wilderness: to find safety in numbers. Thus, when you enter teenage you see that big group of kids segregate itself into smaller clans.

The different ones are stereotyped- the nerds, the quiet-ones, loners, etc. And there is always this one clan which seems to– well, preside over the rest: The cool ones. And EVERYONE wants to be like them. Everything, right from their shoes to their eating habits are monitored and replicated to whatever extent possible. 

And being a girl, I know what the cool gang in the girls looks like today: a set or airheads who seem so scarily shallow that I personally tend to do my best to avoid them. But then again– I was best friends with that very group a while ago. And they were so much like I was back then. Sure, were all quite different even back then, today we are like night and day. When we entered teenage most of the group turned to- well, the cool gang and I tried to keep up with them when this happened but apparently, they did not want me(now a stereotyped nerd) with them goddesses, so we agreed to disagree on enough matters for me to gradually stop hanging out with them.

But at least once their life every teen just wants to be like one of this clan. Why? Answer’s simple: nature’s method of trying to keep the species going. Okay, so now this is kinda gross, but think about it: Who are the most popular kids? The attractive ones. 

Now we humans have our standards for ‘attractive’, but don’t you think the kids of these attractive kids will be attractive and will have a better chance of attracting a mate and hence keep the species going?

So in this kinda-gross highly unfair(at least to some of us) manner don’t you think nature manages to keep the species from going extinct?

Well, that’s a lot of ‘don’t you think’ questions I’ve put up there and I really hope that if you are reading this you leave a reply because I’ve actually(believe it or not) thought a LOT about this thing. I question practically everything and find human behavior fascinating but this is just my theory about it and you should feel free to leave yours in the comments. 

Thanks a lot for reading this!



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  1. Hey megawatt,
    Thanks! No offence, but I joined this site because I wanted to stay anonymous and giving away my age would just seem counter intuitive. Anyway, thanks for reading my entry. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

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