Spirit Attachment from Doing EVP

Spirit Attachment from Doing EVP


December 28, 2016

I think that possibly “they” are messing with my dreams again or I should say “they” are causing me to have bizarre dreams. This week, I’ve had at least four nights where I’ve just had a really weird dream. This happened for a little while back in 2015 as well. Back then, there was this short period of time where I was having bad dreams, nightmares in fact, night after night for a while. At that time, I could hear the voices laughing at me within my own dreams and also as soon as I awoke in a panic.

  This week’s dreams were not so much nightmarish but just bizarre. Last night, I was awoken from one of these bizarre dreams with the feeling that I was being jabbed quite sharply. This is another thing that makes me suspicious if “they” are messing with my sleep and dreams again. This sharp jabbing sensation is something that they’ve inflicted on me before, mostly back in 2015, but it does seem that they have been back at it with this again recently. Just the other day, I was prevented from enjoying an afternoon nap because they were inflicting these jabbing sensations upon me.

  I’ve been off of work for a holiday break this week so I guess I’m a little more aware in a sense of some of the abuses of these voices. As much as I complain about my job at times, I see now how keeping myself occupied and busy makes much of this situation with the voices go unnoticed by me or perhaps I’m just not as perceptive to it because I have other things on my mind. Now this week that I’ve had all of this time to myself and am in fact bored much of the time, I suppose I’m picking up to a larger degree, the presence of these voices and also noticing more of their other means of abuse.

  So, I certainly see the value of having something in my life that keeps me busy, keeps my mind occupied. The voices don’t really bother me much anymore at my work. There was a time that they did, especially during the first few months of this ordeal. Back then, it was a struggle just to carry out simple task at my work such as talking to a customer or handling a phone call. These voices were much stronger back then and they were constantly trying to distract me. They were probably trying to get me fired just for their own amusement. That’s how they are much of the time. They’re trying to impact your life as much as they can.

  Fortunately, I was able to hold on to my job, even though it’s a job that I wouldn’t say that I love, but it’s a job none the less and right now I have to hold on to it. Actually, I’d say that my job often causes me more stress than these voices now. Where once I found their presence to be utterly devastating to my life, with time their impact is becoming less and less. They are still a major drag on things of course and I would certainly rather just be rid of them altogether but I think that the worst of it is behind me and I know that I’ll be able to get on with life.

  Certainly, experimenting with EVP for those two months back in 2015 seriously altered my life in a big way, but I must do what I can to carry on and keep going. It’s unfortunate though because I was never really much of a strong long-time enthusiast for things paranormal. I mean I was and I wasn’t. Yes, I had interest in the subject, but it was always more off and on and it was mostly limited to reading books or watching television shows. The winter of 2015 was the first time that I ever did any kind of active investigation on my own. I often think to myself that if I hadn’t captured those first few intelligent and rather clear responses on that afternoon in mid-January (two weeks after I first started attempting to record EVP) then I probably would have soon afterwards given up the pursuits and let the paranormal fade from my mind once again. If I ever did return to interest in the subject, then I often think that it would have again just have been by reading books and watching television shows since my own “active” efforts led to nothing. But, that is not what happened at all. My first “active” efforts did in fact lead to something and my life has been changed ever since.

Aside from hearing the voices, I often experience this sharp ringing in my ears. Usually the ringing is in one of my ears and not both at the same time. I’d have to say that it most often occurs in my left ear and when I hear voices that seem to come in real close, it is most often into my left ear that I hear them speaking. This ringing is not constant, but it comes and it goes. There are occasions when I get the feeling that these attachments are inducing the ringing. Sometimes, out of the blue, I’ll get this intense ringing in one of my ears and if I listen very closely, I’ll also hear a voice (usually it’s the cruel female voice that I call “Pippy the Nazi”). It’s almost as if the voice is coming in over the ringing sound, just how I often hear these voices coming in over a steady background noise.

  Back in the Spring of 2015, back when this whole situation was at its climax, I would also experience this frequent ringing in one of my ears as well. Back then however, the ringing was much stronger. Sometimes I thought it might be the sound of my mind shattering into a thousand pieces and honestly at times, that’s what it seemed like. So, it does certainly seem that this frequent ear ringing is either some sort of after effect of my brief EVP work or it is connected to the presence of these spirit attachments

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