Friday’s Entry

Life has been busy lately. I’ve been trying to balance work, kids, cats, and the hubby. Isn’t it funny how when you get your $hit together something always comes undone? I think that is Murphy’s law or something like it.

So I can FINALLY talk about Toothless and see pictures of her without tearing up. Folks, this is a major development. I am FINALLY confident that euthanasia was an act of mercy. Do I feel like I did everything I could to save her? No. I failed. I did however, try my hardest and I need to accept that these things happen for a reason even if I don’t like it.

The kids are pumped about Christmas. I’ve been spending so much time with Snoochie lately. Its a tingly warm, hot chocolate feeling when the two of us are hanging out. We watch ghost shows and paint our nails. Even took a trip up the awful death trap of a highway to the mall the other day. I got the girls pants, tee shirts, and a few other things. Weird fact: Deedee was the last one to be bothered by the massive crowd of Christmas shoppers. Usually she is the first to want to leave.

Last Sunday I went with my friend Jeff and Bobo to go see Star Wars Rouge One. I’ll be honest. I am not a Star Wars fan. I swear up and down that I have PTSD and Star Wars is to blame (really it is cause my mom was out right neglectful when she was entrenched in a Star Wars movie). My wee boy loves Star Wars and Jedi’s and all that so I tough it out for him. I know the basic plot, main characters, and stuff like that. We had a good time at the movie even though Bobo accidently spoiled the end for me.

I have to work tonight. I am going to try my hardest to stay positive, happy, and above all else loving. Easier said than done. Atleast I am not closing.

Snoochie seems to be on the right mix of medication. By day she is a calmer version of her old self. I’ve been trying to slip in all sorts of affirmations for her. She needs confidence. After her evening dose she is only able to be awake for about an hour before she goes to bed. The zoloft makes her sleepy.

I guess that’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Entry”

  1. In some ways, I can relate, and in some ways I envy you. I always wanted kids and looks like I never will.

    This tends to be a hard time for me lost so many loved ones this time of year, I to struggle to look at anything that reminds me of them, I just sometimes want to forget because the pain is so intense.

    As for Murphy’s Law is see it more as karma, or the yin-yang of life. The dark and light side. But that’s just me. Hope you have a good x-mas and a happy new year.

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