Dear Izzy,

Do you ever feel like if you don’t look at problem to closely you can just pretend for a little while its not there? It’s like being a cat almost…. if I can’t see it is not there. I like to avoid confrontation and uncomfortable things. I don’t want Christmas to come. Thinking about it starts a feeling of dread…… I know its coming. I don’t like holidays anymore. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays…… Everything passes so quickly when you get older, its not special anymore. I miss being a kid. I thought we have more time. You missed it you know? all the little things. You missed the cookie marathon with your mom. Seriously? so many different times of cookies. I missed it this year to so your not the only bad daughter. She didn’t have anyone to put up a tree with. You missed pumpkins, haunted trails, Monty Python…… I resent you a little around the holidays. We don’t talk about it…. the lack of you. The missing chair. The one to hid in the corner with and make fun of Sammy. I hate shopping the most….. it’s like you see something awesome (supernatural monopoly!) and you go to buy it and then you remember. Your not here anymore……. 

Miss you always,


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