Holidays don’t have to be stressful.

Isn’t funny how stressful the holidays are? I was reading through a lot of journals and so many of us are dreading that one day of the year that convinces children that there’s real magic in the world. The problem then now becomes the suck of ‘adulting’ ack!

I’m among you in the adulting part of living but somehow I’ve managed to hold on to my inner child. I’ve got a sprained foot with a chipped bone wrapped nicely in a cast and I am still not stressing! The school goer will be cheerful and happy with what we’ve bought her and she will believe that Santa fit his fat self down the tiny air vent in the ceiling. 

What ruins the holidays is the corporate tie-in. Look at ‘Hatchimals’ a Christmas born toy that’s 59 bucks in Walmart which is always conveniently sold out BUT! You can go online and pay the steep price of 200 something bucks to ensure your school goer gets one of these brand new toys. This is obviously purposeful to cause distress among panicked parents trying to obtain the damn toy that their school goer will probably get bored of within a week. Think about it! How long does the child even enjoy the toy before it’s throw into the back of the closet and traded in for a simple box of crayons and a coloring book. Entertainment can only cost ya a measly 5 bucks if you observe the child long enough to see that he or she doesn’t really bother with those fancy expensive toys. 

Also, they usually trade it all in for a YouTube and a tablet. True story. I caught my school goer overusing her tablet to watch Shimmer & Shine videos to a point where she couldn’t be bothered to put it down to eat. Tablets are really something that a parent will hand to the kid to shut him or her up for 8+ hours so that they don’t have to bother spending time with them. I could be wrong … no judging here. I am however the type of parent who loves doing activities with my daughter while she’s young and wants to spend time with me. She wants to bake cakes and cookies and paint and color with me so I’m taking full advantage of that before she reaches the age where parents are nuicances. 

Back to holidays. We become so stressed because we place too much of ourselves into this theory that we have to blow copious amounts of money that we don’t really have on gift giving. Yet, the rest of the year we aren’t buying stuff but paying bills and taking care of business. 

Here’s a tip: if you’re like me then you’re stashing money back for retirement. It takes a bit of responsibility to uphold a retirement fund so right there tells you that you’re capable of this. Start your Christmas shopping very early! Buy an item a month or two, whatever you can afford and by December, you will have some wiggle room to cover gifts for friends, lovers, husbands, wives, parents, or even yourself it that’s the case. 

You don’t have to make a fortune to do the holidays grandiose. They do that have to become this phenomenal stress factor which causes some people to have breakdowns, strokes or heart attacks! Holidays are meant to bring people together joyfully and create happy moments. If we want to be technical: Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! The birth of our Lord wasn’t meant to create problems, but to celebrate. 

Step back. Take a breath. Say this: “adulting doesn’t have to be a rushing panic attack.” Believe yourself as you hear that because your health is more valuable than worry about buy little Johnny the latest new fad that he won’t play with in a week anyways. Just enjoy yourselves this holiday. 

Besides, isn’t it grand to celebrate the end of this year in a whole? Just think, no more hearing about the election from every freaking news source out there and no more worrying about whatever has happened throughout this year because it’s behind us now! 2017 may be the magical, wonderful start to the rest of your life! 

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  1. Great advice. My teenager specifically asked for coloring book and crayons this year and that’s it. Heck even I wouldn’t mind getting some. Always a great gift. And I am so very thankful there is finally something on the news other than the election!

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