One day at a time.

It’s been a week since he cast went on. Thankfully the swelling has reduced and 20th it, the pain. There are other discomforts however that come with wearing a cast. Bath time for example is a real project! No matter, I make due with the thing and press forward optimistically. 

I would give anything to get outside and roam around. The fiance has been doing everything and he is awesome for it. He’s been hauling the school goer back and forth to school as well as making the errand runs I normally make. Not sure what I am going to do for Christmas, I go to my father’s house every year but he has 3 dogs. 1 sheepdog, 1 golden doodle and 1 west Highland terrier. Though I’m not so worried about the westie, the sheepdog always jumps on me as a welcome hug and she won’t know any better not to if I’m stumbling around on crutches. There’s always later, but then I will be stuck home alone while the fiance works a day the school goer is at her dads. 

I need a change of scenery though … from this recliner, I can. See a painting of pirate ships, two television sets (one shows the camera feed) a shelf of native American trinkets, the native American haudenosaunee wampum belt replica coat hanger, the dreaded miserable makeshift bed I sleep in, the computer on a television stand, some furniture, and if I turn my head to my right, the kitchen. I love our home but I’m sick of this room. 

Sleeping has become the new hurdle. I can never get the cast comfortable for the rest of me to drift to sleep. I have even taken benadryl to no avail.  By 4 am if I am lucky I will finally pass out until the fiance wakes me again because he misses me. It’s cute but now it’s frustrating because when I sleep, I forget about my inconveniences.

I have to hand it to those unfortunate people who have to live this way a lifetime. I can barely handle it short term, I don’t know how they do it! That thought also keeps me going. When I feel like I am about to lose my shit, I think about those vets and others who lost limbs and make it day to day. It takes doing it one day at a time and occupying my mind. I try to make sure there is always something to do so that I am not going mad. 

If you are reading me and you are in a cast, here are some hacks. The thing is uncomfortable but a hairdryer set on the cool setting will become your best friend. Benadryl doesn’t only make you sleepy, it relieves itching. A computer chair on wheels keeps your assistance off the floor, no seriously, you’ll want to be off that damn floor at all costs. A drink cooler in the bathtub ensures that you can mail tain your daily shower regimen, and don’t forget to wrap your cast in a bag because from what I’ve read, getting it wet is bad in many ways. Vitamin intake is important. Your want the bone to heal and don’t want to be in the cast any longer than you have been so invest in vitamin rich foods and of course milk (it does the body good.) If you’re swelling still, drink a lot of water and try not to overdo it with the ibuprofin, it will stunt the healing process. I promise if you elevate it above your heart and ice that sucker, the swelling will reduce. You can ice the cast but remember not to get it wet. If do, just call your doctor. Above all this, occupy your mind or you’ll go nuts. Draw, write, pick up a new hobby, read! Do anything goes that keeps your mind busy. That’s all I got for now.

I had to write this on a cell phone, it was different as I much prefer a keyboard. I’m not a texting person but it’s convenient. .. it enables me to remain in  the comfort I found sitting in this weird position a little longer.


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