Prom dress arrived

My dress has arrived! 

At first when I saw a picture of my dress (specially made for me in the philippines). I was very sceptic about it, since it looked like a dull one with bad fabric. I got really paranoid waiting for my mother to arrive back home so I can see it. Scared maybe the dress was going to turn out really ugly and I just had to wear it anyways in order to make my mother happy.

Dress arrived today, and well I right away looked around for my dress in my mothers giant suitcase. I found it and as soon as i took it out of the bag, It was much more fluffy and bigger than I saw in the picture. Thats a great thing. It was a two piece, black, kind of looked like an evil Queen and ready for someone funeral at the same time (thats a good thing). 

Can’t wait to show the others my dress, its really something different from what others are wearing. Feeling unique :3

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