Salt lamps and pogamats.

The lightbulb in my salt lamp burned out months ago. Because of school, I never made the time to buy a new bulb and replace it. But today I did.

I love the glow it gives off, and I’ve missed it. Though the Christmas tree lights have been a satisfactory substitute for the last month. 

I have also been shopping for a new yoga mat. There’s one that I absolutely love, but I can’t justify spending the money. I did buy this pogamat, however.


It’s made for plyometrics and yoga, so it’s exactly what I need in my apartment. I need it for my weight lifting and cardio. I didn’t really buy it to be my yoga mat as I figured it’d be too heavy to transport and not grippy enough. I really just liked that I can wear shoes on it so I don’t have to worry about shredding it to pieces. But after receiving it, it seems both lighter than I thought and has more traction than I thought. I might actually be able to use it for yoga. But if I decide to try hot yoga, I doubt it’ll work for that. 

Enjoying my practical, durable, useful pogamat.


I really just think I want an excuse to buy a pretty mat. 


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