Today feels like a day of missed opportunities.

My little sister turns 30. Not very little anymore, I guess, but she will always be to me. I’ll to call her later but I wish I could be there with her and for her. She is going through tough times.

Tonight my good friends going out and originally I was planning to join them but because of husband working late, I can’t go out since there is no one to babysit for me. They are going to have dinner and watch ‘Passenger’ in cinema. I feel sad because, I miss them, they are friends from my old place and I don’t see them often anymore.

Tonight also marks third week without my pole dancing class. I never skipped through so many classes since I started which is a year and half ago. My body misses the workout and the ‘push’ to be better, stronger, more amazing… I miss my fellow polers because we are rather close knit group that supports each other. I miss and need this support. Each class is my therapy session. But the studio is closed for December because there were some problems with renting our usual place. My classes start in January again but it’s a long wait still. I worry about my performance and loss of strength.

At the same time it’s not all bad because my other friend visited with her little one. We spent some time home at first then went out for lunch. I left my monster crew with husband and could relax and enjoy my food and gingerbread flavoured latte 🙂 Then we walked around, had some mulled wine and simply enjoyed Christmassy atmosphere. She gifted me a recipe book how to do cakes in a cup. Always wanted to try that!

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