Wednesday December 21st

I am in New York. I had 2 job interviews today, and already got an offer from one. It was 4k less than I expected, well, actually 13k less than I expected. Most charter schools advertise that they pay about 10% more than doe schools, and my offer was less than doe. I am hoping they will match doe, or at least offer me a little more. I really felt like that school was a good fit for me. My second interview is for teaching 4th and 5th grade science in an all girl school. That could be fun because that is a good age- however, it is in the bronx, which I am not crazy about- I like Harlem a lot better. If they offer me the $ though, I will go there. Money being equal, I would choose the Harlem school.

I honestly don’t know why I’m even going to the interview tomorrow. I don’t think I am going to like it there. It seems too rigid for me. I guess I’ll see tomorrow.

My feet slipped back and forth in my boots in my tights this morning and rubbed blisters on the bottoms of both of my feet. Ugh. My feet are hurting so bad- that’s a terrible problem to have when you are in New York and don’t have any other shoes with you. If I hadn’t felt so tired, I would have gotten my cab driver to drop me off at Marshalls and bought me a pair of shoes to wear tomorrow. 

So I found a job and an apartment that I like today. I dread telling my current principal and my kids. It will be bad. I am going to leave most of my stuff there. I don’t want to strip my room bare and my poor kids have to be in there. 

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