Day 7- Holiday facts

December 23, 2016

Why is Santa’s little helper so down in the dumps? 

So today is two days before Christmas, how fun and jolly most must be. Buying gifts, smiling, baking and Christmas music. Being brought up Catholic I understand and know the importance of this day. People claim to know and understand but when you can’t afford gifts then they still become mad. I am forced to buy until I am in debt and people have told me not to its not worth it. What’s not worth it is the judgemental looks of people around me. 

I figured somthing out today tho… I am like able to some. It may just be when I work but when I am around different people I am like able. Fun fact.

Because he has low elf-esteem … 

Tasha Out 😘

One thought on “Day 7- Holiday facts”

  1. Never ever let judgment be an anchor of burden on your soul. Always do what makes you happy. Your money is yours and yours alone. If you do not want to end up in debt, then turn your back to the judgment and do what’s best for you.

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