December 22

I don’t really have much to say.  I think I am done with all of my Christmas shopping but it wasn’t much to begin with.  Anything else can wait.  I’m not about to go back into the crowds.  I tried so hard to convince the husband to get a puppy but it was a no go.  In July after we move he said.


That friend that I have been talking about since i started this journal has been texting me.  Idk I’m scared I’m going to get hurt again.  I’ve been keeping my emotional distance.  Haven’t answered any personal questions.  I know she’s noticed but nothing has been said.  Before we would have launched into a long discussion about the spouse’s visit home but I ignored all questions about it.  


My oldest child (age 15) has been a huge pain lately.  Idk what to do about her.  She’s so spoiled and ungrateful for her privilege.  And we aren’t wealthy at all it is just we sacrifice a ton for her to have the best.  Plus she is born under a lucky star or something and is super smart so she has won scholarships for her pilot’s license, to take the best classes and all sorts of things.  She has soooo many people that bend over backwards to give her the world and some awesome connections.  But she throws it all back in our faces.  It has gotten to where I’m not giving her anything anymore.  She gets the necessities and that is all.  For Christmas she is getting a stuffed animal and a coloring book.  I’ve done everything right as far as I can tell.  Heck she remembers living in a 3rd world country so she knows just how lucky she is to have what she does.  Or at least she should.  Idk what to do about her anymore.  She swears when she is 17 she’s going to move in with her boyfriend who will play professional ball to support them and she isn’t going to college or anything like that.  Maybe I’ll luck out and kidnapping her and tying her to a chair and forcing her to get a college degree will be legal by then.  (JOKE!!)

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