Ruby On Rails

So today once again I was late and I missed a very very important OS Lab.

Interview for Computer Society went fine although I made a big blunder when I said I confessed that even though I have a very low GPA I like programming a lot. I was thus given  a problem to solve which I wasn’t able to. Damn me! 
The solution was so easy that when  I heard it I felt like I should dig a hole and dive in it.

I think they are more interested in hiring me as a Graphic designer but they did offered me to be an Event Manager it’s not final yet. The place for the president as a role is given to the seniors if any apply and this time someone did. 

A friend of mine also gave the interview for a different position and he said that when I told them that I was your friend they started asking me about you and it felt like I wasn’t the one being interviewed, you were.

I never told them that I want to be a graphic designer for the society but considering on other person applied for the position of Graphic Designer I would have to do two positions. If they ask me only to be the Graphic Designer I might quit. I’m done being a Graphic Designer.

Winter Vacations started today and I started learning “Ruby on Rails” today. It is supposed to be a difficult to learn programming language but its implementation is very easy and very much used in the market now a day.

I hope I could continue learning it because I know myself, the moment it stops being interesting will the moment I would stop learning it. 

Then there is also this group assignment of OOAD with 5 members.

One member in MIA
Second member has a wedding
Third member also has a wedding
Fourth and Fifth member would have to do the other three’s work.
I’m the fifth guy.

We have to submit it by Sunday and I first have to study the thing I am supposed to do because I missed a lot of lectures.

Then there is this guilt of not offering all my prayer today and yesterday. Prayers are must, absolute must, leaving or delaying a prayer past its time is not an option. Yet I just sat on my taxi(a slang for butt in my language) and let the time go by.

أستغفر الله

A graduated senior wants me to work on his team on a marketing position I think I will do it although there isn’t any money in it but I will get free food and I will get to visit many new places and meet all kind f different people belonging to different fields it will be fun.

رَبِّ إِنِّي لِمَا أَنزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيرٌ 

I designed this Facebook Banner for them today. They asked me to even though I never applied for the designing position.

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