Slow days

Dear Izzy,

I’m bored. Work is super slow today and I know I have a few projects I should work on but I just don’t feel like it. Mum, Sammy and Lily are all off today and I’m stuck at work. I finished Christmas shopping for Mom yesterday. I got her a keep calm and drink coffee shirt, a Wonder Women plushie, and a wizard of oz box thingy. I say a really pretty remembrance ornament and almost bought it but I don’t want to make her sad. I still have no clue what to buy Amber. I know I don’t have to buy her anything but i’ll still feel bad if I don’t. Shopping for her is hard, she’s nothing like you. I miss shopping for you. The crazy season at Target is almost over… we didn’t get out until almost 1 am last night….ugh. I have to brave the mall tomorrow morning with Sammy…. Wish me luck. 

Miss you always,



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