To the Person Behind the Mirror,

Today there was a gentle snow on my way home from work.  I felt like it was just for me.  I love the way the snow looks under the streetlamps.  It reminds me of a snow globe.

Last night my husband got his car stuck in a snow bank outside our house.  He had decided to park there even though I have warned him that he is likely to get stuck.  I tried to shovel him out but he had dug himself too deep by spinning his wheels, so I ended up having to call a tow truck to get him out.  After I tried to shovel him out, he told me “This is what happens when you always have to park in the garage”  I reminded him that I have repeatedly told him to go ahead and park in the garage rather than in the snow bank and he replied “You don’t MEAN it.”  I can’t win.

It was my last day of work before winter break.  I have two whole weeks off.  My boss gave me a Christmas card with a very touching message inside.  The message said that it took her over 30 years to find me but that she’d glad she did.  I wonder what I should do with my free time over break?

I like writing to you.  I hope I’m not annoying you.

I’ll write again.

One thought on “Friday”

  1. Interesting. The snow might as well be a metaphor for life. You happily find whimsy and wonder and he, despite your care, is stuck spinning his wheels in vain. Enjoy your time off. Get together with your friends.

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