Friday December 23rd

Big week for me. I had 3 job interviews in NYC and got 2 job offers. I was a little disappointed in the money that was offered, but it is still more than I make here. And there I will just be a teacher. Here, I have team leader and dept chair and cheer supplemental jobs. I took my car to Car Max today and they offered me 16,000 for it. I just owe a little more than that, so I’m pretty pleased. I am going to take it to Quantrell Volvo next week, however, because the dummy at Car Max told me Quantrell offers to beat their deal by $500. So I will wait until Wednesday of next week to take it. I’m just getting to the “whatever” point. I have nowhere to live as of January 3rd. I have to stay in Lex for my final weeks of my job here, but I have to be out of my house for my closing date. I guess I will stay at the ghetto extended stay. I am embarrassed for people to know that my damn family lives here in this town but I have to stay at the extended stay. AND I will have to rent a car, likely. Bethany said I could borrow her jeep, but she’s not going back there until the 2nd, and I have to be at school on the 2nd. I sent my boss an email telling him I was quitting. He hasn’t responded. That either means he is not reading his email, or he is pissed off. Whatever. I don’t owe him shit. He has been a piss poor principal so far. 

I have got to figure out where I put the title to my car. I think I may have put it in my storage place. I will go look tomorrow. I am going to buy an air conditioner for my apartment tomorrow in Richmond off Craig’s List. No buildings have central air. 

I have cried on and off today. Brent once again hurt my feelings. He is such an asshole to me. I am not going to contact him again. I am fucking done. I am not going over there- I am done. Noah hurts my feelings, too. He doesn’t care one bit how mean Brent treats me. People have shit on me my entire life. No one has ever liked me the best or taken up for me. I don’t even know what that would be like.  

I am going to try to go get a couple of loads of boxes from school tomorrow. I think I may mail my school stuff to my new school. Now that I think about it, I should be able to send a lot of it media mail. 

I know I should focus on what is good- like my new job and moving to the greatest city on the planet. It’s a lot this time of year and the pressures it brings. 

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