Journal Day 61 – Free day, exercise, chores, weekly talk with Obs

Free day. I found out yesterday as I was heading out and telling people “See you tomorrow!” and they corrected me saying that we don’t actually have work today. So now I’m at home, not sure what to do. The time is 9:34 AM in the morning and the rest of the day is up for grabs. Anything is possible, within certain limitations of course.

I reread a bit of last night’s entry and as I was typing it up last night, I thought my post was profound. It talked about life, death, time, etc. But as I read it, the writing tended to repeat itself. For example I wrote:

“I’ll look back on Day 120 to Day 60 and think about how quickly that time went. Time goes by quickly and I never want to waste a second, but often times I do. Seconds are wasted.”

That really ruined the reading experience for me. My writing needs to flow better, and I think the repetition killed it. Also my selfie at Day 60? Super bad compared with my selfie from Day 58. Overall I wasn’t happy with Day 60’s entry.

Alright since I don’t have a plan for the day, I’m going to list out the things I need to do and do them:

  • Disassemble Ion iCade for shipping (sold in less than 12 hours on eBay for $73)
  • Exercise
  • Work on school
  • Work on gift for Obs
  • Weekly talk tonight with Obs

Since it’s pretty early in the morning and I’m feeling really bored, really fat, really ugly, and really tired, I’m going to go out and exercise. I’m just going to run for around an hour or so.

I messaged Obs telling her my plans and that I was available throughout the day before heading out. She said she just woke up and was still not feeling well. I was hesitant to messaging her in the first place to be honest because she kinda just blew me off last night. After I asked her how she was feeling, she said she was playing games with some friends and abruptly wished me a good night not letting me put another word in. I put more words in of course and sent them, and also said good night. Throughout the night until right now as I type this, I didn’t get any replies, so I felt hesitant to even send her any messages at all.

But she replied quickly to my new messages this morning. I told her we could still skype whenever since I didn’t have work today, and that we would still do our weekly talk tonight. Tonight’s weekly talk will probably be the last one of the year since we might not be able to have our weekly talk next week. She says she might not be able to make it next week due to travelling circumstances. It’s the day before New Year’s Eve after all. I’ve experienced 22 of them already? Each one feels the same, but different.

Anyway, time to go exercise.

When you’re running out in the cold at near freezing or below freezing temperatures, you either run or die. At least, that’s what it was like for me. My body and legs were warm, but my hands and face felt cold as I ran. My hands kept feeling numb because of the cold, and I balled them up into a fist to preserve heat, yet they still felt numb. I knew underneath my jacket I was sweating a lot, so if I stopped running the sweat would freeze, and I would get sick. About 2 miles in I knew that there was no easy way back, it was either run or die, and it was impossible to walk in this kind of cold.

When I got back home I took off the jacket I was running in and despite it being freezing cold outside, my shirt underneath was completely soaked with sweat. I changed clothes and lied down for a few minutes, the day fully new and still ahead of me. I could have done anything including study which would have been the best use of my time, but most of what I did was just lazily watch videos and do some chores. I watched Adam Ruins Everything’s Christmas special and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, a movie I watched with a female friend last year, man does time move fast.

The aquarium for my goldfish these past two days has had really cloudy water. I didn’t know what was wrong, I did a few water changes over the past few days, sometimes doing 50%—60% water replacement and the water always remained cloudy as it did. Because my normal water changes didn’t work, I figured it had to be something wrong with the filter. The filter we have is this large external filter that sits on the ground below the desk that the aquarium itself was on, it goes through 3-5 different levels of filtration.

Anyway, normally when I would work with the filter I would place these plastic garbage bags on the carpet and place the filter on top of it. This time however I was being a little lazy and felt like I could do it without any safety precautions. I unplugged the filter from the wall, and I sat on the floor in front of the filter. There were two tubes connected to it going up to the aquarium, one sucked in water, the other one expelled it. Because it was unplugged, I thought it wouldn’t operate anymore. Well it turns out once a tube starts siphoning water, as long as that side of the tube is underwater, it tends to keep on siphoning water and expelling it on the other end.

I just looked up the physics behind water siphons online and there’s no conclusive theory in how that entire process works. I completely forgot about it while I was working with the filter today. The filter is separated into two rectangular blocks; the top block is where the tubes connect, the lower part is a bucket of water that the water is filtered through. It was designed this way so you can detach the entire bottom part, take it to a sink, and clean it without having to mess with the top part. As I was unlocking the tight lock that kept the two combined, water slowly started coming out, I thought it was normal water spilling out from the slight movement I gave it by unlocking the connectors. That theory was completely wrong.

Imagine a hose placed into of a bucket filled with water, and then the hose was turned on. What happens? Water starts spilling from the sides of the bucket. That’s what happened here. The entire carpet got wet, it was completely soaked, almost flooding, and the water kept flowing. I realized right away, but too late, that one of the tubes was still completely underwater and kept on siphoning water. So I lifted it up, the water stopped flowing, but it was too late, the carpet was already soaked.

Anyway, without getting into too much detail, it took me around 2 hours to clean everything up and it took up all the towels we had. My mom was furious when she got home.

Afterwards I got on my computer and noticed a message from Obs from 30 minutes ago. It took me a while to get back to her because I was doing chores, but she replied shortly afterwards saying she was going to be gone the rest of the day, implying we should do our weekly talk now.

We did our weekly talk and connected with each other like usual. It was most likely going to be our last weekly talk of the year since she was going to be gone next week, most likely not even having Internet access so she wouldn’t even be able to update her journal for a while. She was still not feeling well, which I was really surprised at, so I did most of the talking because I don’t think she was fully in the mood to even talk or do anything at all because of her sickness, so I’m glad she even took any time to spend with me.

Well since it was the last talk of the year, and we usually have fun and talk about personal topics, I asked for her to finally send me a picture of herself. This entire time I didn’t know what she looked like since she’s very private about her appearance online. She said she was ready to reveal her appearance a while back but I wasn’t ready to see her yet. With the close of 2016 approaching, I wanted the reveal to happen this year.

Thanks for revealing yourself to me Obs, it had to be a very personal decision. She looked really sweet and innocent with her glasses on and soft smile, even though you can already tell her personality from the entries that she wrote. Despite the big reveal, I didn’t want to talk about her appearance in our conversation much because our friendship and connection was based on more than that, so I just commented on her looking very young with the world ahead of her.

We didn’t have too much time to spend with each other today because she had to leave soon, so we just talked more about the friendship and support we gave each other and the projects we were working on. We’re planning on doing a gift exchange through email this Christmas and I hope she feels a lot better by then. We’re exchanging personal creations we made ourselves to share with the other.

Since our weekly talks started, throughout the week before we saw each other, I would come up with a few different ideas we could talk about. Because we didn’t have time today, I wasn’t able to fully go through them all, which was fine, these ideas can be reserved for next time. We talked a lot throughout the week anyway with us texting each other every morning and afternoon this week. Our next talk would be on January 13th of next year since that’s the first Friday she would be available.

Afterwards I started watching a Lance Armstrong documentary. I passed out and fell asleep afterwards.

To Obs: I enjoyed our chat tonight, get well soon!

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