Return of The Bicycle and Screen Addiction

Winter vacation has started with a ton of assignments to do during the vacations.

Didn’t study “Ruby on Rails” today.

Got the bicycle out form the store and took it to a bicycle repair shop, got it fixed and now it is ready to be used again.

I now have the trademark of IT professionals a weird giant sticking out tummy, mine is not that giant but it is in the process. I now am unable to wear fitting T-Shirts. I never thought a day like would come for a skinny guy like me. 

I am now addicted to Screen may it be a computer screen, mobile screen or TV screen, it just has to be a screen. 

Two years as an IT student with a laptop always by my side I now feel awkward when I don’t have my laptop with me and I feel at ease with laptop ON by my side even if I not using it. 

I am now watching “Weight Lifting Fairy” eating “NIMKO” and going to get some milk right after writing this entry. 

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  1. MBN, I hope you have a wonderful winter celebration! Much joy to you!

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