Spiritual healing

Year 2017 is going to be the year I enter the path of spiritual healing.

For many years I have been at battle with myself, a life filled with self destructive obsessions.  Now is the time to nourish my mind with positivity.  I want to learn to live in the moment and strive to be the best person I can possibly be.

Of course like the vast majority of us I do want to a achieve materialistic gains.  I want to earn enough money to live in a nice apartment, to wear nice clothes and to look fantastic.  However I know that materialist items alone will not bring me long term happiness.  

To achieve happiness I need to become kinder and more patient.  I need to learn to live in the present moment, I need to conquer my anxiety and depression.  

I am going to start meditating which will help soothe my mind and help me let go.  I want to start helping others who are less fortunate than myself, I want to help other people lead a better life.  I need to make a difference to something meaningful.

Helping others will prevent me from dwelling on things in my own life.  I have a tendency to obsess other things which in 6 months time won’t even matter.

So much of my energy goes into dwelling on the past or worrying about the furture.  If I focus this energy on creating something positive for other people it will help me become whole.  I will have purpose.

I need to stop being so selfish.  Why are my needs more important than anyone else’s?  Why do I always want the best for myself but not for others?  I need to start giving and helping others as though they are a part of me. 

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