The Demise of Bellatrix

It was a cold day on the Ark. There was something not right. I could feel it. I ran up to check on the baby. Momma just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was beautiful. We named him BeeBee Fire Bear. Soon. All too soon he and momma would be allowed to join the others roaming around to protect the cave. I had an agenda to work on today and I knew I needed to get to it. I shook off the foreboding feeling and set about my workshop gathering the needed materials for my journey. I gathered all I needed and loaded it onto Ritz, my trusty pteranadon that will soon be a present for my sister. I took one last look around my workshop, check to make sure the baby had plenty of food to last while I was away and took off towards the family home.

I scouted the family home to make sure there was nothing amiss there, that feeling still in the back of my mind, but the home seemed to be well protected and cared for. Nothing out of place here. I took Ritz into the bird cage and parked her in the stall with my favorite mount Bellatrix. Bellatrix was my perfect tamed argent that my brother Minds and I spent quality time taming together. I unloaded all my tranq arrows and narcotics off of Ritz and loaded them onto Bella as I told her of our journey today. She listened with knowing in her eyes. She’s the best listener. Once she was loaded down with all we needed for our journey I bade Ritz goodbye with the promise to return soon. We turned tail to the cold mountains close to the green ob and set out on our search. Today we were going to find some female wolves to help Niceria in her task of protecting the lower levels of my workshop.

It turned colder as we got closer and closer to the cold area. I nestled down into Bella’s feathers knowing she’d keep me warm. We went to the outer edge of the cold island and began our search of high level wolves. We did it the slow way; picking them up to check the levels and killing them if they were too low. It was a long and slow task and we found many many level 15 wolves along the outskirts. Bella and I were beginning to believe these were the lowly outcasts and we would have to move further inland to find the better ones. Finally we found a pretty 125 roaming around with the outcasts. She wasn’t the level we wanted, but with the way our luck had been running we decided to just take this one back to Zero’s taming pen and make her a Coffin worker. We dropped her into Zero’s pen and began the task of tranqing. Once she was down we went back to start our search for others while we waited for her to be ready.

Bella and I decided this time we’d just go further inland for our search instead of playing with the petty outcasts. We needed to get down to business this time. We picked up a few level 55s and continued our search for higher levels. There was some rather large packs running around inland today. We swooped down and grabbed one after another looking for the levels we were in need of. The large packs were starting to band together and suddenly the packs went from sizes of 4 and 5 to 20 and 30. Bella scooped in to grab on and that forboding feeling hit me hard in my chest. It was too late to pull back up and change our course. As soon as she swooped in and grabbed another to check the level a level 145, who I’m convinced was the alpha, jumped onto her back pinning her to the ground. The others swarmed around her taking bites at her as she tried with every fiber in her being to free herself. I looked in panic around me as I saw the suddenly visible teeth of these higher level wolves who ambushed her. She looked at me one last time as she gave in and forced me off her saddle. She screeched her last screech telling me to run as she laid there for her body to be feasted upon, giving me the opportunity to run on foot for my life. It took them little time to make work of her body as I stood there horrified of what just happened. Everything was moving in slow motion as I realized that they’d finished feasting on her body and were turning to feast upon me as well. I turned and bolted for the ocean. I jumped into the freezing water and it shocked me back to my senses. I was still carrying my crossbow and was wearing no clothes. I’ve never needed to worry about clothes because for Bellatrix always kept me warm. I suddenly felt numb.

I swam as fast as I could towards Zero’s taming pen. Where his megaloceros and the unconscious female dire wolf awaited. Angry tears came spilling out of my eyes as I pulled out my crossbow to kill the sleeping wolf. I didn’t even want her anymore. She wasn’t worth the life of my Bella. I pulled back and aimed at the head while she lay there taking even breaths. My knees buckled and I knew I couldn’t pull that trigger. If I kill this wolf, Bella would have come out here and died for nothing. I once again put my crossbow away and turned away from the sleeping wolf. I collected my thoughts and realized that I was unable to grab Bella’s saddle when she fell. If anything I needed her saddle back. At this moment I ran. I ran faster then I ever had before. Ran across the island, dove back into the freezing water, swam to the other island and ran some more. I made it to our gate and barely paused to close the gate back after I slung it open to rush through. I ran straight to the family home bird pen, dashed up the stairs and mounted a very startled Ritz and took off back to the cold area. I could feel the questioning in Ritz brain, but I couldn’t even begin to tell her where the madness within my brain was coming from. I flew straight to the inland area where I knew Bella had fell. The area was confirmed when I saw there was still about 40 wolves in the area. Rage filled me as I saw her bag laying there on the ground, wolves stepping on it as if it was a piece of trash. Ritz saw what I was looking at and she was also filled with anger. We dove in and Ritz barrel rolled all the wolves away from Bella’s bag, slinging a few backwards in shock and killing one before it even knew there was danger afoot. We had their attention. Ritz and I sat down on the ground in front of the stunned pack of wolves. Forty pairs of hungry eyes looks at us, but their rage was no match for my own. As they all jumped at us Ritz and I took off into the sky, one wolfs teeth grazed her hind quarters. She was in such a rage, as I was, that she never even took any notice to the nip. Straight up she flew and turned and rolled them again killing two more ripping the pelt right off their backs. Round and round we flew tearing their pelt from them while rounding them all up in a beautiful little cluster. I glanced around and my eyes landed on Bella’s bag once more. Ritz and I flew off up the beach taking all the wolves with us towards the mountain. When Ritz and I had lead them all to the base of the mountain we flew back towards the spot Bella fell as fast as we could.

I stood there staring at Bellatrix’s bag with huge tears in my eyes. My baby was gone. My baby who survived fighting gigas, my protector, my warmth. Gone. I filled with despair as I picked up her backpack and placed it with my own. I suddenly felt colder then I ever had before. Ritz started making nervous noises so I quickly snapped back out of it and mounted her. We took off just as the pack of angry wolves closed in on me once more. This time though, they would not feast. Ritz and I flew back to the sleeping wolf and gave her some meat that we knew she’d like really well. It was some prime cuts from a bronto we took down nearby. She woke up and stared at me. She knew there was nothing she could do. She was a Coffin and I was her master. I gave her a name, Narcissa. She would be called the sister of Bellatrix, for Bella died for me to have her. I pet her once then mounted her. Together we went back to my workshop with Ritz flying above us keeping watch. With a heavy heart I entered my workshop. This workshop I spent all my time in. The workshop Bella dutifully sat outside of because she was to large to come in. I went to work. I put Narcissa in the lower levels and explained to her her new duty in life. She was to follow Niceria and learn from her and protect the lower levels of my home.

I made my way back upstairs and put Ritz back in her parking spot, gave her a little piece of meat for her to nibble on, then went to check on the baby. He’s almost grown I thought to myself. I went to check on momma and see how she was doing. She would be having surgery the next day. We didn’t want more babies. I gave the trough a top off for the baby and the other bears that ate out of it then headed back down to my work area. There I gathered my materials I needed for Bella. A few stones, a little wood, some thatch, fiber, and some cementing paste. With these materials I fashioned together a box to hold her saddle and a grave marker to remember her bye. Here lies the saddle of Bellatrix and the pelt of the wolves that hunted her down and killed her. May she be avenged. I gently placed her saddle in the box that was now lined with the pelt of the wolves that Ritz killed. There was nothing more I could do for my fallen comrade so I set back to work in my workshop, heart heavy with grief.


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