A Month’s Progress

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!!! I know that it has been almost a month of not posting to GNJ, but there’s a reason. The main being it deleted my entries and I was unable to fix the issue. I did use it to my advantage to focus on my novella, which is ready to be self-published. If you’re interested, and that’s a big “IF”, just send me a message and I’ll do my best to get a copy to you!

The holiday season used to bring me panic attacks and unnecessary migraines. With the past, where it needs to be kept, I am doing better. I held onto many things and useless regrets that it blocked what I needed to see now. I joked with the ex and told her that my passiveness is going to take a back seat for 2017, it didn’t get me anywhere and that’s just BS.

On a better note, I hope that everyone is enjoying time with family and friends. Even if you have no one to celebrate it with, just keep this in mind. When I was in the military, I didn’t have friends or relatives to celebrate anything with. I did have a pet plant that I considered to be a good friend in a foreign world than I was used to. Strange but yet still comforting, like Tom Hanks’ “Wilson”. Human interaction is a necessity but it does get rather dramatic, if you know what I mean. So, if you are celebrating this holiday season alone, I’m thinking of you and wishing you the best from my heart. Don’t be like me and end up partying with a plant, the outcome sometimes gets dirty (horrible joke, I know but I loved it).

As I write this, my offspring is screaming that Santa came. So, I must refill my coffee cup once more and head to him. Merry Christmas and have a great New Year (if I don’t write another entry until then)!



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  1. Hi Jay, last days I decided to read some book in English with purpose to make higher my language level) but couldn`t choose what to read) I want read your novella!

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