Better with out

It’s Christmas Eve and I feel it’s time for me to go. I am a worthless peace of shit. I’m worth nothing to anybody. I have no right to be here. If only I wasn’t born I wouldn’t have brought my sons into a would with a loser father. I literally fail at everything I do. The only reason my kids have a Christmas and what they need and want is because of there mother. They would be better with out me.  To bad there’s snow out, the jax teller way of going out seems the best way.  


-the fuck up

2 thoughts on “Better with out”

  1. Dear Better with out, I have feel the same way…especially around this time of year. And I too don’t make good choices…and yes I have even thought…this world and my kids would be better off with out a worthless woman as a mother… But then I think of my own childhood…when I lost my mother…then my brother…my father…my much loved grandparents…and my sister….all with in a couple of years of each other…and I was at a young age. But you don’t need to hear my sob story…
    But I finally realized one night….
    And I wouldn’t wish my existence on my children. And if you take the easy way out…that is exactly what you are damning your son too. He will never see himself as worth fighting for. And it will just be another loss for you…So think about your son and his life…and if you love him… well I think you know what to do.

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