Day 301 – Returned in time for Christmas

Saturday, December 24th 2016

So I was sick the past 2 or three days, hence the nearly empty entries. To recap, first day I woke up at 5 am, discovering I was extremely nauseous and then vomited, or dried heave since I had nothing in my stomach, and finding I have a fever. I rested, dreaming the same things over and over which is a huge pain, then spent the day off from school just watching Supernatural and sleeping, while shaking from cold, dying of heat or vomiting. The next day I was still nauseous and feverish, but I got better. No shaking, just felt really gross. Then the third day, I felt better, but had a really sore throat and ran out of energy. Today I am better and spent my time catching up on Christmas, with only a stuffy nose, which seemed to clear out for the most part now. Right on time too.

I woke up, then worked for two or three hours on Megg’s Christmas gift. It was time spent trying to find ideas for it and trying different things. I landed on something which, I quite like. The esthetic I feel like I could have done a tad better, but still looks good, and the meaning is really touching, to me at least.

After that, I wrapped my brother’s Christmas gift, as well as the 10$ exchange one, then worked on my Christmas sweater, which is secretly a pyjama top and then wrapping paper. I know it’s lobsided, but my mom tried her best, since it was really fragile and if she takes it apart to try again, it’ll rip (sowed on).

I then worked on my “super secret project” on the server which is actually a different Christmas gifts for each staff member, with a personalised message. One of the owners cried when she recieved hers, and actually told me she caught me a game on Steam, so waiting until midnight for it!

I spent the evening on YouTube and watching the pilot episode for The PA on Netflix, which seems interesting. So many questions right now.

I also debated about Star Wars with my Trekkie server owners since I brought up the movie by finding out if Galactic Basic Standard or Basic, in SW is basically English in our universe, by translating the Aurebesh (script of Basic, which I will show at end of paragraph) at the machine where Obi Wan turns off the Death Star tractor beam. Basically, at some point they said Star Wars is a little bit of a rip off of Star Trek, cause of the timing, name and other things, but although I can see their point, Star Wars was very creative for the wide majority, and only the name was really taken.

To Megg : I am feeling better, so thanks for checking up on me! I’ll catch up on your entries, and can’t wait to give you your gift tomorrow morning. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas day tomorrow!

And Merry Christmas to everyone now, that way I don’t only say it at the end of the day tomorrow!

That’s all for today.

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