M.B.N Comedy and Patriotism

So today I made another video, a comedy cum lesson video. I live in a country where much is wrong and no one does anything about it. People are afraid to do anything and the fear is justified for the people in power can do everything.

If you have money then Pakistan is the best place for you to live, you have the money you make the rules.

I wanted to make purely educational vides and I did made them but people didn’t watch them much, not as much as I expected INSHALAH I will continue that. I started the educational YouTube channel with the name “TECH IMPROV”.

Since comedy is all the rage in my country now a days so I decided to do the thing that I want using comedy and Yes now I can say that I have finally taken a step and I want to continue this.

This is the video that I made today. I made it in English.


I can earn if I use YouTube but people in my country use Facebook more and since my main purpose is reform I will use Facebook for now.

I also studied “Ruby on Rails” Today.

I would like an opinion on the video if possible.

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