To the Person Behind the Mirror,

Today was a really good day.  I only cried once and I don’t feel like talking about it because so many good things happened.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my parents.  I had suggested we cook a German dinner and I offered to cook some things I know how to make and asked my dad to try a few dishes as well.  In my whole life, my dad has never eaten anything I have cooked.  I don’t know why.  He just refuses to.  I was really worried how this dinner was going to go and I half expected him to be moody and reject the whole idea.  But it was great!  We cooked side by side in his kitchen and my husband even helped out.  I had even told him he could just bring his 3DS and play games but he didn’t.  My mom watched from her wheelchair even though it was really crowded in the kitchen.  It felt really nice.

Over dinner my husband didn’t talk much but he also didn’t look miserable.  My dad ate my cooking.  All of it!  Even the sauce that didn’t turn out quite right.  We talked about work and politics and stayed at the dinner table for a long time after we were finished eating.

Then my dad gave me my Christmas present.  It was a telescope!  I had asked for one, but really didn’t expect it.  My dad and my husband assembled it together.  I was so excited.  Not just about the telescope but watching them build it for me.  My dad looked so happy.  He’s never happy.  On Thanksgiving he wouldn’t even sit with us at dinner.  But here they were, the two grouchiest least supportive people in my life, having fun building something for me.

And now my husband can’t say I’m not a REAL astronomer.

After we finished assembling the telescope we gave my parents their gifts.  And then we sat around talking for quite a while.  And even after all that, my husband didn’t complain or look annoyed.  He didn’t even say anything about how long we had been there when we left.

I’m really happy.  I don’t think I’ve had such a nice day in a long time.

Would you come look through my telescope with me someday?

I’ll write again.

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