first journal today. I mostly want to keep track of what im eating but ill write down more if i feel the need to encapsulate any intense memories.

woke up at 12pm (im on break so this is the norm)

1:30(ish) 1 bowl of squash and sweet potato soup/ about 3 cups

4:30 tomato soup with rice/about 3 cups –tomato soup is made of just tomatoes and a few cloves of garlic boiled in water and i just eat the tomato infused water (sounds fancy) but its nothing like a tomato sauce

7:00 8 rombutan–a fruit, size is a little smaller than a golfball 

8:00 5 or 6 spring rolls consisting of rice noodles, tofu, mint, cabbage-like vegetable, and the rice wrap. dipped in a bean sauce

i started and finished the book “speak” today; compelling although made me a bit angry. no use in getting angry over a fictional character; futile.

*i dont climb trees anymore

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