I’m feeling heartbroken. The guy I thought I could trust 100% was not who I thought he was. Actually I don’t feel heartbroken I feel stupid and humiliated and ashamed I gave him my body and my time. He was telling me the exact same thing he was telling another girl! I should’ve known it’s been a problem for a while. The worst part is I shouldn’t even care. You could say I’ve cheated on him multiple times physically and emotionally. I used to have this kind of obsession with a guy in my class, he recently just used me for money and my parents found out and made a big deal out of it. Although I’m in college they still feel the need to punish me like I’m a baby I do not understand. I have also had sex with another guy, I don’t regret any of that. What I regret the most is being raised in McCamey. I seriously miss my friends from Angelo like a lot. I love them. They are the best friends anyone could meet their first semester in college. I am also debating on telling my parents that’s I don’t want to throw shot out in college. High school sports should be left in high school. Anyways back to the heartbroken thing. The thing is I don’t think I really loved the guy who left me heartbroken I just used him but I could always count on him. I really want another guy sure he’s two years younger than me but last year during the summer he really started growing on me. I enjoy his company and his kisses. I really want to have sex with him but for some reason I don’t think he’s interested which really shocks me because I know he likes me and no guy I’ve met doesn’t want to have sex with me. I’m hoping we will over Christmas break but if it doesn’t happen I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed. Well tomorrow’s Christmas. I’ll let you know what I get. 😘😘



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