A Little Cold Hearted

Dear Izzy,

I think I might be part robot……. Sammy wanted to wrap a present for Violet and I judged hard. She also wanted to know if I wanted a thumbie necklace like the one I have for you and Appa….. I said no. I also don’t want an ornament for the tree either. Maybe I am a little uncaring when it comes to this. They told her what the survival rate was in the start…… they told her to terminate the pregnancy. She knew full well what that outcome would be. I never thought of the baby as a person. I have no emotional attachment. Losing Appa was hard…. Losing you was hard. I knew you both my whole life. We have memories. So yes, slight judging when you want to wrap a present for someone who cant even open it. I didn’t buy anything for you. Mum made cookies! they were awesome. Lily liked all her presents. I got Kpop merch and Sammy got a PS4.  Wish you were here……

Miss you Always,


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