Today has been an uneventful day,I sometimes ask myself,What is our purpose in life?after all,we all seem to follow our own boring every day rituals.wake up,have breakfast, attend school,study,talk about petty things ,eat dinner and repeat.                        Social media seems to take up most of my time,but when I stop and think of it ,I’m more streased when I’m on it arguing about little petty things than I am without it.                                                                                     I try to be mature about my view of the world.If you ask me about school,I’d say that Some classes can be very interesting,while some are just plain dull and boring,with the teacher glaring at you everytime you get an answer wrong and constantly giving you the I’m disappointed in you speech and trying to take you down the guilt road.                                                                  Last week.When I was sitting in English class listening to the teacher drone on about Shakespeare, I was I hit by a brilliant idea.If my life is soooooo boring then why not make it interesting.                                                                         So,I spent the rest of that English class contemplating about how  can I turn my life upside down and make it fun.                         Here’s what I can up with. What would happen if I literally broke every rule in the school’s oh so cherished rule book.                 So,my goal for the start of school next year is : Break Every Single School Rule.but here’s the catch, I can’t be caught doing it or else its Mission Failed .                             so,let the challenge begin;) 

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