Day 302 – Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25th 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and for those who don’t celebrate, had/is having a wonderful holiday!

I started the day by opening my Christmas sock with my brother. I got a cool Darth Vader travel tag, with slippers, a word search book and a toberlone bar. I also gave my parents the four dairy milk bars I got for two each, and even though I had the idea and paid for it, a plan was for my brother and I to buy chocolate together, so I said it was from my brother as well.

I also exchanged gifts with my brother. I got him Pheonix Wright and he Pokemon Sun. I didn’t get him Moon, since I thought he got it himself, but he didn’t. Apparently it’s expensive right now, so not sure if he can get it in time for the trip.

I then sent my gift to Megg. I made a wallpaper like he wanted and used part of a dialogue that meant a lot to us. I then read his email and he gave me the option of picking 3 games of his and also gave me a program to save my entries on this website as well as comments that don’t have a smiley face or things of the sort, so that’s awesome and really useful! Thank you!

I got ready to leave, and the outfit, makeup, earrings and hair style I had on made me look like I was twenty, but I really liked it. My mom passed me her black shirt since I had nothing to wear to go before switching into my ugly Christmas sweater and then switching out.

When we got to my grandmother’s house I switched into my ugly sweater, being careful not to rip anything, then my brother and I went downstairs where our grandmother left us with some discs of our parents when they got married, or my brother when he was a baby, that kind of stuff. It was really interesting seeing everyone looking so young and sweet watching a lot of my late grandfather play with my brother.

Then we had to go upstairs to greet everyone else without touching each other, since my brother and I were sick, then after a while of talking to my cousin we decided to do the secret gift exchange. I picked a really awesome silver wrapped one. My mom decided to steal mine (since in the game you can steal), but after my youngest cousin stole it from her, I then stole it back. I recieved a chocolate foundue mug, which I’m really happy about.

Then we gave out Christmas gifts. I recieved a new headset (yessss, no more taped microphone so it doesn’t fall and turning off and on without me doing anything), a Jun Erso Pop! (Star Wars bobblehead), chocolate, a really cool bracelet where you can switch icons on it, socks, money, hair accessories and a really cool 3D picture frame of a girl and a wolf pressing heads. It’s adorable and the models look like from out of a video game. It scared me while unwrapping cause the fur of the wolf just popped out cause of the 3D illusion. 

We voted for a few of who got the best ugly sweater and of course my uncle got first place, cause he came in with lights and accessories everywhere.

Then we ate; I didn’t much, since I was still sick and had a small appetite, and by now I lost my voice, and we opened crackers, which we laughed at the French jokes, cause there were so many typos and the grammar was awful. My brother’s made us cry out of laughter. There was extra letters, missing letters, “-” where there isn’t supposed to be any, it was ridiculous. I’m gonna show it to Kohai. The person in charge of them sure needs to practice their French.

We then spent a lot of time trying to fix my grandmother’s technology, cause apparently whenever we come over, everything stops working, and after a few people left, we managed to get the discs working from the videos I mentioned earlier. It was really nice watching them and funny, cause my mom was with a different boyfriend in every different video before she met my dad. At some point she was with that non attractive one that she mentioned once, where she only dated him cause he was nice and had money, so he’d bring her on many trips. I laughed at the sight, since he was exactly like she described him to me. Balding, short and chubby. She told us that he was 30 and she 19, though he looked like he was 40, someone even said so while we were watching. My grandmother said “imagine her bringing him into our home and us having to be polite and okay about it”. No offense to the man though, just, not a good pairing.

Then we left and I’m at home. 

To Megg : I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! It’s getting late so I’ll read your entry tomorrow and reply to your email that you replied with to mine. Thank you again so much for the gifts! Gonna have to look at a lot of game trailers.

That’s all for today.

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  1. New headset is exactly what you needed!

    Also no problem for the gifts, thank you for the gift that you sent as well. It was a lot more personal than my own and you had to think about it a lot. I valued that conversation we had together and I didn’t realize that you valued it as much as I did until you sent the background over.

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