Day 62 – Christmas Eve

December 24th 2016

I’m going to start dating these entries like Obs does in her posts. It is such a good idea, I’m wondering why I never did it before. Also I accidentally titled yesterday’s entry as Day 62 when it was supposed to be Day 61. Since I’m a bit behind in my entries, I’m writing this on Christmas December 25th, but I’ll word things as if ‘today’ were December 24th.

Anyway, like I said in yesterday’s post, I passed out while watching a Lance Armstrong documentary. I passed out around 8 PM with my contacts still on. Usually I sleep around 12 or 1 AM and wake up at 7 or 8 AM. Because I fell asleep 4 hours earlier than I was supposed to, guess what? I woke up 4 hours earlier than I was supposed to, at around 3 AM and was wide awake when everyone else was asleep.

So I didn’t do anything except for watch YouTube videos. I have no idea what got me so interested in watching science and physics videos, but I started watching tons of them for hours on end. I remember also watching some sports videos like Top 10 Baseball Passes and Top 10 Table Tennis videos, which then transitioned to Ping Pong techniques videos and Ping Pong equipment videos.

I remember being shocked that a ping pong ‘blade’ which is the wooden handle, and the rubber placed on both sides can cost $500+, and lots of people buy them. There was also this really insanely in depth video comparing two ping pong rubbers that you could purchase and the review was 30 minutes long.

I just cannot believe how much effort was placed into comparing two different rubbers. There was a grip test, a bounce test, a tackiness test, both rubbers were taken apart and viewed under a zoomed in camera, pros were brought in to test each rubber, and there was even a machine used that took pictures and graphed a ball’s highest bounce points when in contact with the rubber. Just insane.

I had nothing else to do and tried to go asleep again at around 10 AM, and ended up napping for an hour or two before I decided to drive to the office. The only reason why I watched videos that entire time was because I had no idea what time it was. I just kept on clicking on the ‘suggested videos’ that would show up, and this went on for a few hours. Before I knew it, it was already freaking 10 AM.

I just wanted to watch one video, that’s all. But I learned that in any field, there is a high level that you can reach and there’s lots of things to learn along the way. Even in an activity that looks pretty straightforward, ping pong, there were still and endless number of things to learn.

In the office since I had multiple monitors to use, I put a movie up in one monitor and Obs’ program that I would work on in the other monitor. I watched a couple of anime videos and also an anime movie, The Wind Rises. The Wind Rises is an anime not-100%-accurate biography of a Japanese airplane engineer.

You watch the main character start off as a kid going through school, you watch him get his first job, you watch him work and travel places, you watch him meet his wife, get married, he makes his masterpiece aircraft design, wife dies, and in the end he retires. It’s just so surprising how quickly life passes by, an entire life can be summed in the span of a few hours of a movie.

I also watched Hellsing Ultimate, which is a really old anime. I only watched episode 8 and 9 because I only wanted to see Alexander Anderson’s death. This is my first time watching the anime so I had to read up on each of the characters and plot on the wikia page, after a quick read I understood the whole story, then I was able to enjoy the fight between Alucard and Anderson more. It was an awesome battle.

Anyway, while doing all this anime watching I was also working on Obs’ program. It took me many hours of work testing everything and trying to get it all working. It had been a while since I created a GUI, so I had to read the documentation on how to do that again. At around 8 or 9 PM I knew that the video watching was distracting me, actually I knew that multi-tasking from the start wasn’t a good idea but it was pleasurable, so I turned it off to fully focus on programming. Around 11 PM I drove back home because it was almost Christmas.

At home I turned on the TV and showed my dad Episode 8 of Hellsing Ultimate. I watched a few minutes of it with him before going back to programming, and just let it on for him to watch.

Both my parents were awake at 12 AM for Christmas and they just ate food. I hate some fruits that were available. I got some of my presents ready. Anyway, I got back to working on the program for Obs.

Even around 1 AM I still wasn’t done with the gift. I tried compiling it to a single .exe but kept running into issues. There were just these bugs that existed. But anyway, at 1 AM it was mostly done, and I was so exhausted at that point I had no choice but to go to sleep

To Obs: Today was your first post in a while, so welcome back 🙂 I was a bit late for these posts but here they are! I’m going to work on December 25th’s entry now.

Selfie for the day

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