Me Vs Myself: What do I lack?

I wan’t chosen as the President, instead I am now the Media and Decor head.

I wanted to get out the designing section and work in the management section but it looks like I’m stuck here for another year. Maybe it was best for me, surely Allah has a plan for me ’cause now I don’t have any the ones that I had aren’t exactly working or are working slowly, well… some are working fine but… you get the point!

Today I got a call form a Professor of my University  who is leading the project on which my graduated senior offered me an internship. The Professor asked me to bring my designs which I think are the best, he want to see my work. Again! This is a designing internship and this will be very beneficial when I will graduate and look for a job, especially with the GPA I have, I need this internship!

There is a catch.

I don’t want to be a designer, although I like designing but as a job or as a permanent working field I want to work as a software developer, then again I don’t have the GPA for it; maybe this is my best shot of entering the work force, I will make my own path once get into the field.

A meeting is scheduled with the Professor on Wednesday in Arfa Software Technology Park, which is kind of a big deal; for me at least.

There is another problem! Orientation of the Society members is also on Wednesday. I’ll skip the orientation if time clashes.

Now I am going to prepare content for another educational video in Urdu for my YouTube channel and Facebook page “Tech Improv”. 

“My lord, I am in absolute need of the good You send me” [Qur’an, 28:24]

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  1. Hey M.B.N, I’m sure God is leading you to a happy life. One day you can work in the field you want! Hang in there 🙂 I like your positive attitude!

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