Its hard. Its even harder to exist with emotions that are full of pain and sadness. Everyday when I wake up, I fight trying to keep a smile on my face, telling everyone Im okay. Everytime I go home I lay in my bed, crushed and crying my heart out. The world does not see the swirl of emotions living inside me. All they see is the quiet, distant girl who had retreated in her shell after she was broken. I knew they dont understand and I grew tired trying to explain to them until its better to simply stop. I miss him. I long for him. I search for him everyday among the sea of faces I gazed and every minute I hate myself for feeling so defeated.

2 thoughts on “sadness”

  1. At the time it is hard to imagine that the pain and longing will ever go away. The old saying is that time heals all is only a partial truth. Over time the pain will be lessened but it will never completely go away. And, that is ok. It is part of our life experience which we need to grow and develop. Start to look at the positive things around you. Those can be a simple as the clouds is the sky, the sun shining, a bird singing. The wonders and glory of nature and things around us can give us positive reinforcement to our own life and existence. Don’t try to replace the other person but start to focus on other things. Other people in our lives who spread negative thoughts at to be ignored. We don’t need them and their negativity to hold us down. It is time to start to rise above the bleak and break into the light of a new day.

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