Sunday December 25th

Would you like to know how bad my family sucks? My brother has 2 cars, lives alone in a 4 bedroom house. My sister has an empty bedroom and an entire finished basement that no one ever goes in. AND, I am staying in the same town with them both at an airbnb with a complete stranger. Nice. AND, I am spending $540 on a rental car even though my brother has 2 cars. I really hate my family. I really do. One of the many reasons I’m moving. I honestly don’t care if I ever see them again. 

My house closes on the 3rd, so I have to be out by then. I have to work at my current job until the 20th, so I have to find a place to stay for that window of time. AND, I am selling my car on Thursday of this week, so I have to have a rental until I move. Fuck it. It is a small price to pay to get out of here. I’m sorry I even asked anyone for help. When you don’t ask, they always say, “well, you could have stayed here!’ or “you could’ve driven my car!” but when you do ask, you get rejected. 

I will just spend the fucking money and not worry about it. Let that shit go. I am going to leave this pack of hillbillies behind and not look back. I just need to focus on my new life and a fresh start away from here. 

At least I’m getting pretty accustomed to doing everything by myself. It’s not my first choice, but at least I’m still breathing. 

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